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09/26/2016Robust TripCon Trip Block from Voith Provides Even More Safety for Turbomachinery Equipment
09/23/2016Take-Over of Renkum PM 2 signed: Successful conversion from newsprint to packaging paper
09/21/2016CMPC Signs Contract with Voith to Supply New Tissue Machine
09/20/2016Start of VDMA Action Week „Wir unternehmen was“ –
Voith Gives Insights into its Commitment
09/16/2016Voith Industrial Services Brazil receives Service Excellence Award
09/07/2016DIWA Concept Study: Voith Will Present the Transmission Technology of the Future at IAA 2016 
09/02/2016German President Joachim Gauck Visits
“Wir Zusammen” Members
09/01/2016Voith Paper's Advanced Products secure maximum performance at Klabin's PM 24
09/01/2016Services for Vessel Propulsion Systems: Individual Voith Solutions Help to Avoid Unplanned Downtimes and Reduce Life Cycle Costs
09/01/2016Selling of Voith Industrial Services completed
08/31/2016Voith Inline Thruster: Precise Maneuvering for a Wide Range of Maritime Applications
08/30/2016Voith Linear Jet: The Efficient, Reliable and Low-Noise Propulsion Solution for Fast Windfarm Support Vessels
08/29/2016Voith Offers a Wide Range of Services for Rail Vehicle Operators
08/29/2016Voith is Overhauling All Bogies of the Cantus Flirt Fleet
08/26/2016Fendt Relies on Fan Technology from Voith
08/26/2016Voith Industrial Services Relocates ZF’s Shock Absorber Production
08/24/2016ECO-SWR: The Dis-connectable Secondary Water Retarder from Voith
08/24/2016Voith Industrial Services’ Automation Team Carries Out Major I&C and Electrical Project at Schoellershammer in Dueren
08/22/2016Complete Hydraulic System for Punching and Shearing Applications From a Single Source: The Voith BWIL Drive
08/19/2016Voith Air Compressors to Become Even More Efficient With ‘TwinSave’ Technology and Coupling