Voith StreamDiverTM

Utilizing untapped potential

Today 85% of all existing dams and weirs around the world remain unused for hydropower generation. With their enormous energy potential, taking advantage of them could make a key contribution to an ecological supply of electricity. Voith offers solutions that exploit this potential, generating sustainable energy while remaining in harmony with nature.

For small hydropower plants in particular, Voith has developed an innovative, reliable, and eco-friendly turbine – the StreamDiver. The StreamDiver was designed to keep constructional effort and peripheral equipment to an absolute minimum. This allows for power creation at locations where conventional plants are not viable for economical or ecological reasons. A variety of power plant set ups are available to meet specific project requirements.

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Economic value through simple technology

StreamDiver design

  1. Permanent-magnet generator technology
  2. Water lubricated bearing technology
  3. Turbine bulb – filled with water, no dynamic seal
  4. Turbine housing with fixed guide vanes
  5. Propeller-type runner


Innovative technology

Permanent magnet generator perfused with water and water-lubricated bearing technology


You benefit from:

  • Low construction costs and a comprehensive economical solution
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to oil-free operation, submersed power unit, low visual and noise impact
  • Low operational expenditures (OPEX)
  • standardized and modular power unit design to minimize the project lead time
  • Compact design to allow a multipurpose application


StreamDiver® Utilizing New Hydropower Potential  (2.45 MB)
StreamDiver® New Plant Concepts for Low Head Hydro Power (2.63 MB)

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Voith Hydro Holding GmbH & Co.KG
Alexanderstrasse 11
89522 Heidenheim, Germany

Philipp Daus
Business Development
Telephone: +49 7321 37 9040