DuoShake revision

DuoShake revision

Consistently high paper quality through maintenance

The reaction force-free DuoShake shaking unit improves paper formation in Fourdrinier machines. Regular inspection ensures a high level of runability.

The DuoShake has to be inspected regularly, regardless of model or year of manufacturing. During this process, the DuoShake is opened and all parts subjected to a visual inspection. Wear parts such as oil filter inserts, bellows, etc., are replaced. The DuoShake is then checked to determine whether it is still correctly aligned with the paper machine. If determined during the inspection that parts have to be replaced, the work deemed necessary is discussed and agreed upon with the customer. The wear and replacement parts are then provided from the customer’s warehouse.

Servicing and maintenance measures by Voith Paper ensure that the DuoShake will keep functioning perfectly and thus that runability is increased. In addition, high paper quality is maintained, particularly formation and breaking length ratio.


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