Air Systems

Air- and drying technology for Paper, board, tissue

Voith Paper Air Systems is one of the world's leading vendors of industrial air conditioning and process air systems as well as drying and cooling technology. Our solutions can be used to optimize your paper, board and tissue manufacturing, keep foodstuffs fresh for longer and ensure the ideal environment for tobacco processing.

Further industries

Textiles / Chemical Fibers / Non-woven plants

New machine technologies, but also the processing of different kinds of fibers and raw material qualities, call for customized air system concepts. Key criteria, depending on raw material or process stage, are to secure ideal climatic conditions for the type of production in hand and to separate, recycle and dispose of fibers and dusts. 

Apart from conventional room air conditioning, energy-efficiency optimized process conditioning systems are also used. These are particularly suited for systematically capturing waste heat and bringing treated air directly to the product or machine, thus allowing high relative air humidities in the processing zone. In the machine hall itself a lower indoor humidity is set.The result: air systems that are smaller, more efficient and more economic. In addition, for the manufacture of chemical fibers, Voith supplies blow ducts and blower type air conditioners including the associated automation, measuring and control technology. Our standard solutions also include multi-stage heat recovery systems.

Hydropower plant / underground power station


  • Reducing energy consumption with natural ventilation and air extraction without using fans
  • High level of plant safety and redundancies
  • Smoke extraction and special exhaust systems
  • Reliable automation solutions

Know-how about process air systems and refrigeration units for all areas of the foodstuffs and beverages industry.
Systems and equipment for the entire manufacturing process from storage through production and culminating in the packed final product.

Special components

For cleaning very dirty and encrusted conveyor belts. 

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