Canada Country of Hydropower

Hydropower is the most efficient of all renewable energies and is available anytime almost everywhere all over the world. In Canada, it is the most important source of electrical power within the country’s total energy mix.

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Making Climate-Friendly Electricity Possible Voith Technologies Boost Energy Switch.

"Climate change and diminishing resources are a challenge. Yet they also present opportunities for growth with new solutions."

(Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President & CEO)

Hydro power stations from Voith supply climate-friendly energy worldwide. Voith is at the forefront with all developments of new forms of regenerative energy generation: for example the potential of the oceans that has so far hardly been exploited.

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Mobility for Megacities Our Contribution for the Megacities of the Future

Thanks to Voith technology, buses and rail systems in megacities operate reliably, safely and eco-friendly.

Voith equips buses and rail systems in large conurbations with the latest technology - from automatic couplers to hybrid drives. Voith therefore makes a significant contribution to modern, safe and eco-friendly mobility of people and goods.

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Paper for a Sustainable World Voith relies on sustainability

"By now, we even have the technology for producing high-grade paper from waste paper."

(Thomas Wurster, Head of New Technologies)

Voith is the technological leader for efficient, resource-sparing paper production. Using new processes and concepts, the company is working intensively on the paper production of the future.

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Small Hydropower solutions of Voith

Clean, efficient and reliable

Service ideas all around mobility.

Our offer especially for you.

Exciting tasks and challenges.

Working for Voith.

Letter to our customers, suppliers and employees.

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A Customer Training Symposium will be held April 13 and 14, 2015 at the Voith Hydro Canada Centre of Excellence for coil production in Mississauga, Ontario. Learn more

Small Hydropower solutions of Voith –

Clean, efficient and reliable

Small hydropower plants make mostly use of rivers with no large dams and reservoirs. They are either grid connected or they can also be used for isolated homes, small communities or rural industry in off-grid remote areas – and improve the livelihood of many people all over the globe.

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Limberg II

Securing our energy supply, balancing our grids –

with pumped storage power plants

They are flexible, dynamic and highly efficient: pumped storage power plants. Thanks to their mature technology, they can quickly store surplus electrical energy and feed the grids when the demand for energy is high.

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New hydropower dimensions

On the threshold to the one-gigawatt machine

Voith has concluded one of the largest hydropower projects in the company’s history this year: Xiluodu. The impressive plant is now in operation – and it paves the way for the future.

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Resources are limited. Ideas are not.

Sustainability at Voith.

Ecological and social responsibility have first priority for Voith. Acting sustainably is an essential element of our success. We are making our sustainability strategies open to the general public.

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The Canadian Mississauga location has been a market leader in providing generator modernization services within North America.

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