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    HyService is the worldwide partner of choice throughout the entire life cycle of your hydropower plant – whether the plant is large or small or it belongs to new or existing customers.

    With a passion for HyService, our experts provide support all over the world and around the clock. They will ensure that your plant works safely, efficiently and with maximum availability throughout its entire life cycle and beyond by providing the most appropriate service. Our top priority at Voith is longer service life, higher reliability and more performance.

    HyService - Keep your energy flowing
    • Comprehensive equipment – from a single source OnControl.FieldInstruments

      Comprehensive equipment – from a single source OnControl.FieldInstruments


    Turn your plant's profit ability into profitability with HyService

      With our proactive services and customized service agreements, your hydropower plant will run at maximum profitability. Choose from our tailor-made support solutions.

      Framework Agreement

      Framework agreements based on terms and conditions reduce administrative effort and accelerate the contracting phase.

      Service Agreement

      Service agreements can include a variety of service activities carried out by our Voith experts from operational support and training to spare parts management. The agreement will be tailored to the customer‘s needs.

      O&M Agreement

      Long-term O&M partnerships range from regular preventive maintenance of defined components to full-scope Operation & Maintenance of entire hydropower plants.
      High-quality services and world-class OEM expertise combined with our digital toolkit allow optimized plant performance at a plannable budget for our customers.

      With a passion for HyService

        Our top priority here at Voith is longer service life, higher reliability and more performance.

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          On Site. On Time. On Budget.

          At Voith, we can offer comprehensive monitoring methods and service tools as well as flexible service teams. We will provide valuable service solutions - Any time, any place.

          Emergency support

          Our HyService Team is dedicated to helping you on-site or with remote service at any time. Our experts are on standby worldwide and support you in analyzing the problem and implementing a temporary repair until planned on-site maintenance.

          An overview of our services

            From simple repairs to general overhauls, restoring systems to their original state, or full customized service agreements HyService capabilities cover all types of generators, turbines and hydraulic machines and valves, as well as automation and auxiliary equipment.

            For lasting top performance
            Operations and Maintenance

            • From component-based maintenance contracts to full-scope O&M of hydropower plants
            • Optimized maintenance intervals and smart services
            • Reduced downtimes, optimized plant availability
            • Direct access to expert troubleshooting and spare parts
            • Implementation of regular health assessments
            • Long lasting performance and continuous optimization thanks to long term partnerships

            Set benchmarks for your progress
            Assessment and consulting

            • Monitoring and diagnostics
            • System recovery and updates
            • Optimization of operating procedures and identification of unnecessary costs
            • Audits with regard to legal and safety compliance
            • Improvement of environmental, health and safety aspects

            Sediment removal solutions
            For maximum performance – today and tomorrow
            Refurbishment and upgrades

            • Technical refurbishment measures on-site
            • Hardware and software upgrades
            • Addition of improved or new functions
            • Increase in hydropower plant flexibility and functionality
            • Electrical power production with greater efficiency and profitability

            Immediate, both remotely and on-site
            Diagnosis and repair

            • Quick and flexible emergency support
            • On-site machining to reduce downtime
            • From cavitation repair to embedded component and single turbine component machining
            • Remote support at any time

            Intelligence in hydropower plants
            Smart services

            • Smart monitoring solutions for detecting weaknesses early on
            • Asset management systems for managing and assessing your hydropower plant
            • Cyber Security for the seamless protection of your IoT environment
            • Smart equipment for remote maintenance
            • Transformation of your data into company value

            Spare Parts
            Quality and quick local availability all over the world
            Spare parts

            • Customized and standard spare parts, from seals to turbine runners
            • Spare parts for any third-party products
            • Continual cost reduction with spare part prediction and management
            • Intelligent logistics for quick worldwide delivery
            • Upgrading to the most advanced technology

            Learn more
            HydroSchool – Courses for beginners and professionals
            Education and training

            • Basic courses and course programs for experts and beginners
            • Customized courses
            • Learning level based precisely on previous knowledge
            • Wide variety of subjects
            • Instructions for cost-effectively doing your own maintenance and repair
            • Qualification for the next generation


            Voith brings intelligence into the digital hydropower plants

              Increasing digitization will revolutionize the way industries are developing. Products and services will become smarter, more effective and efficient. Voith strives to be your trusted partner for smart digital solutions in the hydropower industry.

              Smart services

              To stay one step ahead, we are always developing new methodologies for efficient data analysis. For plant maintenance, diagnostics as well as data analysis, Voith offers a wide range of automation components with its HyCon series. This series allows real-time monitoring and operational assessments. It also enables Voith experts to troubleshoot and recommend corrective actions.

              Asset performance management/

              Voith shapes the future with Smart Services. Our software provides you all relevant data at the right time. Should you need more support, direct connection to our Voith experts will facilitate immediate assistance. The HoloLens glasses are one of many tools in our portfolio that will assist you in optimizing maintenance efforts and processes by up to 10%. Check out the new video.
              Watch the video Contact

              Service for automation

              Reach your desired product quality with our service solutions from HyService. Enjoy lowest costs with your Voith equipment and highest time reduction by digital services right where you need them. Your automation upgrade is in secure and experienced hands with our experts from Voith Hydro.
              Read more about Voith Hydro automation Contact

              Satisfied customers worldwide

                Successful projects around the world

                  In close collaboration with our customers on site, we develop tailored solutions for hydropower systems. Before the start of operation, we are able to master the most diverse local challenges together.

                  We are there for you, wherever you are!

                    In these challenging times our HyService experts continue to support you globally in maintaining the critical hydropower infrastructure. We do our best to provide valuable service solutions - any time, any place. 

                    Please select your country to find your local support line.

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