Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Seriously Cool

Reliable Speed Regulation in the Petrochemical Industry

Reliability is what counts. Nothing is more important: the technical systems have to function, whatever the conditions. Unprotected, under the open sky, at minus 20 degrees and more, in ice and snow. The men assembling the petrochemical pilot plant for one of Canada's largest plastics and chemicals manufacturer are wearing thickly padded work suits. A principal component of the new plant are three geared variable-speed couplings from Voith.

For plastics and chemicals

Ethane is key ingredient of natural gas and an important raw material for the production of ethylene, which is then processed into polyethylene. Cling film, bottles and other hollow items are made from this material. Just as fiber, tubes or cable insulations. The number of end products is more or less unlimited. Everybody is using them. And everybody needs them. In everyday life, for clothing, as food packaging or in medical technology. Its production is subject to strict regulations.

Sophisticated speed control

Voith solutions are in demand wherever variable-speed pumps and compressors are used for the production of chemicals. The speed control requirements are high. Petrochemical plants are often located close to oil and gas fields, in order to process the raw materials directly on site. And this means: in the desert or in regions where it can get extremely cold. Like Russia. Or - like here - in Canada.

Customer-specific solutions

The men assembling the plant have to cope with demanding technical challenges. The pump station for feeding the chemical reactor is exposed to the extreme climate. No roof, no walls to protect it against ice and snow. In order to stop it from freezing the engineers have insulated each and every single tube. Special attention has been paid to the electric actuator. It adjusts the oil level in the coupling and hence the speed of the driven machine. A special heat tracer ensures trouble-free operation whatever the weather.

Key Advantage: Reliability

Compared to electric variable-speed drives, this is the key advantage of a Voith solution: the reliability and hence high availability of the plant. For the operator of a petrochemical plant this means peace of mind and hard cash. And these advantages not only apply to Voith geared variable-speed couplings, but also to torque converters, variable-speed turbo couplings or Vorecons. Components that can be found in petrochemical plants all over the world.