A "plus" for both operators and the environment

Hydropower plants are systems in use for generations. Many hydroelectric power stations, which were constructed decades ago, are still in operation today. One of Voith's core business areas is the modernization of such plants in order to bring them up to the current state of technology.

There are a large number of existing hydropower plants particularly in the developed markets of Europe and North America. It is often possible to significantly increase their efficiency using today's technology. The operators can generate even more climate-friendly electricity through extensive modernization.


Our solutions

“One of the best opportunities we have to increase our supply of clean energy is by bringing our hydropower systems into the 21st Century. With this investment, we can create jobs, help our environment and give more renewable power to our economy without building a single new dam."

Steve Chu, U.S. Energy Secretary 

Selected references

Rheinfelden, Germany/Switzerland

Voith's modernization work here tripled the annual output, enabling it to generate enough electricity for around 170 000 households. read more

Bath County, USA


Voith modernized the six turbines of the Bath County (Virginia) pumped storage power station, making it once more the largest in the world. read more

Uglich, Russia  

The Russian hydropower station on the River Volga was modernized by Voith, improving its output by around 30 percent. read more

Eglisau, Switzerland  

Voith supplied the listed building of the Swiss power station Eglisau with the latest technology, thus increasing its output by around 30 percent. read more