Small hydro plants

Small hydropower

Voith is a full-line supplier for small hydropower plants. With its over 100 years of experience, the company is an established industry provider both for the construction of new plants and for the modernization of existing power stations.

Environmentally-friendly precursor for social development

Small hydropower plants are a precursor for economic growth and social development. They guarantee a local, stable power supply. Decentralized, small hydropower plants are often the only way to create environmentally-friendly power for electric lighting, for preparing and cooling food and for stimulating economic growth in remote regions.

In developing countries, they are a good substitute for diesel-powered generators. Even in industrialized nations, small hydropower plants are in demand, as they provide a useful contribution on the whole and effectively support energy change.

Our solutions

“Small hydropower maintains its position as one of the most reliable and cost efficient renewable energy source.”

Lauha Fried, Policy Officer European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) 

Fish-friendly turbines
Voith is committed to conservation and is a leading supplier of fish-friendly turbine designs 

Aerating turbine Technology 

An important criterion for the survival of fish in water is the oxygen content. Voith has developed a new turbine which increases the oxygen content of the water and thus has a positive effect on the quality of the water. read more

Alden turbine

Voith presented the Alden turbine for the first time at HydroVision International in the USA in 2011. The survival rate of fish which get into the impeller in spite of the fish pathways stands at around 98 to 100 percent with this new development. This is achieved thanks to the low speed and to the small number of rotor blades (there are just three). read more