Voith – Global Player on the Energy Market

Energy Efficiency in the Face of Climate

Worldwide, a quarter of all electricity generated by hydro power is produced with technologies and services from Voith. In power stations all over the world, components and services from Voith ensure regular energy supplies.

Economic prosperity, social development and everyday life are based on secure and affordable power supplies. Worldwide, the trend towards the utilization of renewable and climate-friendly energy sources is accelerating, as the fight against climate change and diminishing fossil fuel resources intensifies.

As a supplier of technologies and services for converting primary energy carriers into electricity, Voith plays a leading role in the energy market. International power station manufacturers and operators rely on the experience and the expertise of Voith engineers.

From Heidenheim to the Niagara Falls

In the energy segment, Voith can look back on a long tradition: the first Voith turbine was built in 1873 for the Heidenheim textile manufacturer Plouquet. This was followed by the first major international project: twelve turbines for the hydro power station at the Niagara Falls. (1903-1910). In 1910 Voith delivered turbines for the first Chinese hydro power plant at Shi Long Ba.

Today, Voith develops innovative turbines, generators and automation technology for hydro power stations, among them large and small hydro power plants, pumped storage plants, tidal current and wave power stations. In addition, Voith components and Voith service concepts at central points in different types of power stations ensure reliable and safe energy supplies for people and industries.