Food, beverages and tobacco

Cooling and ventilation technology extend shelf life 

Voith’s cooling and ventilation technology is being used to optimize the production of food and beverages. Dairies, drink manufacturers, breweries, bakers, butchers and confectionary producers all need optimum production, cooling and storage processes with ventilation systems and refrigeration units. For example, a big mozzarella producer in South Tyrol is using a Voith cooling tunnel to cool entire pallets of its dairy products.

In the bottling Voith cooling systems provide a hygienic indoor climate. In this case as well, the objective is to improve process technology between production and delivery of the finished product. Faster cooling and more extensive integration of individual production processes make manufacturing more cost efficient. But the potentially lower use of resources also brings economic benefits – for example, through using Voith industrial water treatment systems in beer and beverage production and in the foodstuffs industry in fermentation processes. High-tech treatment methods reduce fresh water consumption and the amount of process waste water and return the treated service water to the system for reuse.

In the tobacco industry, Voith offers belt washers. In this case the ventilation and removal of moisture help provide high product quality. Naturally, the latest hygiene regulations and standards are observed and sterility ensured.

The Voith range encompasses the design and construction of large systems to the installation and upgrading of individual machines in existing systems in operation. This know-how enables Voith to deliver cost-efficient customized solutions for existing systems and retrofits.