Large hydro plants

Large hydro plants

Hydropower plants are the most efficient generators of electricity in the world. They lie on all major rivers and provide a reliable source of power for growth regions as well as industrial nations. They ensure that millions of people have access to light and heat, education and work.

Complete outfitting for large hydropower

Voith supplies the technology for the largest and most powerful hydroelectric power stations on the planet. As a partner to the industry and a full-line supplier, the company develops and produces all of the components.

As reliable and accurate as clockwork

The individual components of large hydropower plants weigh hundreds of tons and run like clockwork. For decades, they convert the inexhaustible power of water into electricity. Their capacity is many times greater than that of coal or nuclear power stations.

Flood protection and development

Large projects have proven themselves in practice as untiring suppliers of renewable energy. They supply industry, transportation systems, communities and private households with a reliable source of electricity. With the help of dams, they provide flood protection and improve the navigability of rivers.

Selected references

Xiluodu, China 

Voith has concluded one of the largest hydropower projects in the company’s history this year: Xiluodu. The impressive plant is now in operation – and it paves the way for the future. read more

Estreito, Brazil

Voith delivered the electro-mechanical equipment for this Brazilian power station – which included the largest Kaplan turbines ever manufactured in Brazil. read more

Gilgel Gibe II, Ethiopia

Before Gigel Gibe II was commissioned only one out of six villages in Ethiopia were connected to the grid. Voith equipped this power plant which increased the rural power supply by 50 percent. read more

Omkareshwar, India

With a construction period of just 48 months, Voith installed a turnkey, highly modern hydropower plant in Omkareshwar, India. read more

Three Gorges, China 

For the largest power station in the world, at the Three Gorges Dam in China, Voith delivered six machine sets, each giving 700 megawatts of power. read more

Peixe Angical, Brazil

By providing three Kaplan turbines and generators, as well as the automation and control systems, Voith has helped to ensure the power supply for four million people.    read more

Eastmain 1-A, Canada

Voith has installed the largest generating units in the large scale Eastmain 1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert project and delivered turbine runners from Sao Paulo over a distance of 13 000 km. read more

Baguari, Brazil


The supply of the first power plant as part of the Brazilian growth acceleration program was completed by Voith three months earlier than planned. read more

Itaipú, Brazil

At 14 000 megawatts, the power station at Itaipú is the second largest in the world. Voith supplied a total of 14 Francis turbines for the South American project. read more

The potential of North America's rivers

In the United States of America, there are approximately 84 000 dams and weirs. Only three percent of these existing dams and weirs are currently used to produce electricity. This represents large, previously untapped potential for the further development of renewable energy in the USA. read more