Marine Technology

Vessel Propulsion Systems for the Future

Be it out at sea or in port, on rivers or lakes - Voith makes maneuvering more precise, safer and faster.

Voith made propulsion systems for vessels.These specially designed and equipped for all maritime tasks.

North Sea Giant fully lives up to her name. She has a large cargo area and is perfectly equipped: With cranes, a helipad  – and five Voith Schneider Propellers.

Precision maneuvering

The tidal current turbine to be positioned off  the British Orkney Islands will weigh several hundred tons and is expected to deliver a rated power of one megawatt. But the turbine is not the focus of attention here. Instead, the vessel laying the foundation in the rocky seabed 34 meters below sea level stands in the limelight: the North Sea Giant. She also features Voith technology – the propulsion system.

Perfectly equipped

The North Sea is one of the roughest waters in the world. Here, any foundation work close to shore requires a steady hand - and a steady vessel. Particularly so, when the vessel is as huge as the North Sea Giant. She is 160 meters long and 30 meters wide. And she is equipped with truly everything that might be needed on an offshore construction vessel. She features two cranes and a helipad. There is even a cinema on board for the up to 199 crew members. And with her loading capacity of 14,200 tons, she is able to lay the foundations for a turbine of this size.

Continuously variable thrust in any direction

To keep the North Sea Giant exactly on position, she is equipped with five Voith Schneider Propellers. More than on any other vessel. Each of these propulsion systems has a capacity of 3,800 kilowatts. Three are used as main propulsion systems and two as bow thrusters. As they can provide continuously variable thrust in any direction, propulsion and steering are combined in one single unit.
Dynamic positioning ensures that the vessel is kept precisely on position.  The Voith roll stabilization ensures that even high waves can be weathered. This gives the North Sea Giant a surprising degree of agility and maneuverability and makes her ideally suited for work out at sea – or close to shore.

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