Oil & Gas

Efficient Technologies for Reliable Raw Material Supplies

Products and Services from Voith in Operation

Oil and Gas play a key role in the world of the 21st century. Reliable supplies of these raw materials are a prerequisite for economic prosperity.


Oil and gas play a key role in the production of petrochemical goods and in power generation. They are a prerequisite for economic prosperity. Voith offers reliable and efficient technologies and services to the oil and gas industry for extracting, transporting and processing these raw materials. The Group thus makes an important contribution to the reliable supply of oil and gas to national economies all over the world.

Operating in all Regions of the World

Everywhere in the world, technologies from Voith support the production of oil and gas - often under very hard and adverse conditions. When these essential raw materials are extracted and processed factors such as plant availability, safety and robustness are vitally important. The demands on the applied technologies - for example on drilling platforms or on gas fields - are enormous. Apart from Voith components, Voith service specialists with their know-how are also your first point of contact whenever services for refineries and the petrochemical industry are required. Quality, reliability and experience are what really counts here. In Voith, our customers have found a solid partner.