Raw Materials

Reliable at All Times

Voith Technologies Help to Extract and Transport Important Raw Materials

At first glance, they often go unnoticed, but couplings, gearboxes and many other Voith components are in non-stop operation in conveyor systems all over the world. Above and below ground, they contribute to the constant availability of raw materials such as coal, copper, nickel, etc., for industrial processes.


Be it universal joint shafts and hydraulic presses for steel mills, or hydro-mechanical turbo couplings for conveyor belts in open-cast mining - steel and mining companies traditionally rely on the specialists from Voith. In these industries, machines have to be particularly reliable and efficient. With their wealth of experience, Voith engineers develop and produce components and machines that set universal benchmarks for quality.

A Large Percentage of Machinery Produced by Voith Operates in Asia

The Voith portfolio covers a wide range of technologies, in order to produce, transport and process raw materials such as coal, copper, steel and nickel. The market for these technologies is growing continuously. Ever increasing energy requirements call for more and more coal. But especially in emerging markets industrial production is continually rising - and therefore also the need for raw materials. In Asia, the demand is especially huge: nearly half of all plants produced by Voith for the raw materials industry are operating on the Asian continent.