Digging Deeper for Higher Success

Copper Mining in the Chilean Andes

Every cellphone contains copper. Without copper, computers would not work. The value of this precious metal has risen dramatically over the last few years. No wonder that people are willing to go to ever higher extremes to extract it at an altitude of 4 500 meters in the world's driest desert. And Voith is involved, too: with fluid couplings that are fit for all duties.

Mining raw materials under harshest conditions

Nearly 40% of the world's copper deposits are found in Chile. Every year, the country brings 5.3 million tons to the global markets. This is more than the combined output of the USA, Peru, China and Australia.

The largest mining area is in the Atacama, the driest desert in the world. Whoever works here has to be really tough. This applies to the people – and also the machinery.