Small Hydropower plants

Small Hydro

Small-hydropower products are state-of-art technology. We offer standard designs that can always be modified to accommodate the specific applications to meet our customers requirements. Experience gathered from large hydropower plants as well as research and development in this area are a contributing factor for advancement.

Voith small-hydro generators are unsurpassed when it comes to high efficiency, low maintenance and exceptional service. The application area includes horizontal and vertical pole machines up to 35 MVA.


  • 6 to 36 poles
  • Voltage level up to 13.8 kV
  • Protection code from IP 23 to IP 54
  • Cooling from IC 01 to IC 81W

Voith offers an array of products from its large selection of turbines. Pelton turbines by Voith use a variety of rotor blade designs. Depending on the application, 1 to 6 jets can be installed and positioned either horizontally or vertically, thus optimizing the degree of efficiency.

Voith Francis turbines are available in a number of different design solutions and can be installed horizontally or vertically. They are primarily used for medium heads and comply with all requirements regarding speed, technology, and efficiency.  

Voith Kaplan turbines are used primarily for lower heads and larger flows. They are offered as vertical and axial turbines and in various designs.

Small, ecological and reliable. The StreamDiver is a turbine-generator unit that can be used close to nature in river weirs, dams and locks with a head of up to 10 meters. Coupled with a generator this turbine requires virtually no maintenance and can be easily integrated into existing power station concepts. Voith offers the StreamDiver in five standard sizes with an output of up to 800 kW. Read more...


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