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    „Engineering for the age of digitization "– this guiding principle represents the fundamental idea of Voith Digital Ventures as the perfect partner for a further development of the whole production system. This specific concept facilitates an ideal platform for the partner-companies against future challenges around the e-generation. Duly taking advantage of our global technological leadership, all our digital actions are being created in a forward-looking direction. Through this focus on the industry 4.0, we are aiming to have a harmonic development in a common partnership with all our customers and suppliers. With the help of new service concepts and highly developed systems, we are aiming at an optimization of all business processes - for a successful, joint, digitalized future.

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    Conditions and standards

    Here you will find archived Digital Ventures purchasing conditions and standards. They constitute the exclusive contractual basis for orders. Conflicting or contradictory conditions in invoices, order confirmations or delivery notes shall not be accepted by us.

    For queries please get in touch with your relevant contact in the purchasing department.