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Voith in St. Pölten

    Plasser und Theurer, Deutsche Bahn, Netz Instandhaltung

    The history of Voith in St. Pölten dates back to 1903, when Voith established its first foreign subsidiary at this location in Lower Austria. Initially, paper machines, large grinding machines and turbines were manufactured in the same way as at the headquarters in Heidenheim before the production of hydrodynamic transmissions for land vehicles began in 1932. The site has a total area of 88,000 square meters of which 12,800 square meters are used for production and service. The Divisions Voith Digital Ventures, Voith Hydro and Voith Turbo operate in St. Pölten today.

    For many years, Voith has been providing innovative solutions and services for customers in the public transport and transportation sectors. In St. Pölten, Voith develops customized technologies for e-mobility on road and rail and supplies components and drive systems for rail traffic, such as traction converters, wheelset and turbo transmissions, cooling systems, as well as converters, automatic transmissions and retarders for road traffic. Voith Turbo Austria supplies numerous regional and international companies in both domestic and global markets. Voith components can be found, for example, in trams and city buses in Vienna and Innsbruck as well as in rail vehicles of Austrian and German railways.

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    Linzer Strasse 55 3100 St. Pölten Austria


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