Voith in the United States

Voith in the United States

Voith in the United States

    Voith traces its North American manufacturing lineage back to 1877, when Stephen Morgan Smith began designing and producing hydraulic turbines. Today, Voith has manufacturing locations throughout North America and the US, offering a range of state-of-the-art services and products for a variety of businesses and industries.

    Backed by a global network of engineering expertise, Voith’s product and service portfolio serves US customers in five key markets: Energy, Oil & Gas, Paper, Raw Materials, and Transport & Automotive.

    Voith Hydro
    Voith Hydro

    Voith Hydro in the US is a full-line supplier of hydropower equipment and services including project planning and execution, manufacturing, electrical and mechanical engineering, outage management, modernization, and aftermarket business and services.

    Hydro locations in the US
    ​Voith Paper
    Voith Paper

    Voith Paper is dedicated to providing value-added systems, products, and services for our US customers. From spare parts, fabric and roll systems, products and services to paper machine rebuilds, stock preparation systems and complete paper machines, we serve this market through 17 regionally distributed locations providing manufacturing, engineering and customer service.

    Paper locations in the us
     Voith Turbo
    Voith Turbo

    Voith Turbo was incorporated in the United States in 1975. With over 40,000 square feet of inventory and three distribution centers in the US and Canada, Voith Turbo can quickly and accurately ship complete units and spare parts for a wide array of products.

    Turbo locations in the us

    Career opportunities

      Competent, motivated and involved – it’s the people that drive our innovation and global competitiveness.

      Locations in United States

        Appleton (WI)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Meri Environmental Solutions, Inc.

        2620 E. Glendale Ave. 54911 Appleton (WI)

        t +1 920 734 8485

        f +1 920 734 8299

        Voith US Inc.

        2200 N. Roemer Road 54911 Appleton (WI)

        t +1 920 731 7724

        f +1 920 731 0240

        Austell (GA)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith US Inc.

        1831 Veterans Memorial Highway SW 30168-7936 Austell (GA)

        t +1 770 948 8086

        f +1 770 948 4613

        Florence (MS)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith US Inc.

        220 Price Street 39073 Florence (MS)

        t +1 601 845 2201

        f +1 601 845 3755

        Houston (TX)

        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith US Inc.

        6213 West Sam Houston Parkway North 77041 Houston (TX)

        Neenah (WI)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith US Inc.

        375 Byrd Avenue 54956 Neenah (WI)

        t +1 920 722 7713

        f +1 920 725 8615


        Group Division
        Voith Digital Ventures

        Voith US Inc.

        1017 Main Campus Drive 27606 Raleigh

        Sacramento (CA)

        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Voith US Inc.

        210 Harris Avenue, Unit No. 1 95838 Sacramento (CA)

        t +1 916 925 8241

        f +1 916 925 4287

        Shreveport (LA)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith US Inc.

        7133 West Park Road 71129 Shreveport (LA)

        t +1 318 687 5485

        f +1 318 686 0198

        Somerville (NJ)

        Group Division
        Voith Turbo

        Traction Systems Inc.

        58 N Bridge St Ste 1 08876 Somerville (NJ)

        t +1 908 393 5566

        Springfield (OR)

        Group Divisions
        Voith Hydro, Voith Paper

        Voith Hydro Inc.

        2885 Olympic Street 97478 Springfield (OR)

        t +1 541 726 5014

        f +1 541 746 9573

        Voith US Inc.

        2885 Olympic Street 97478 Springfield (OR)

        t +1 541 726 5014

        f +1 541 746 9573

        Summerville (SC)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith US Inc.

        215 Deming Way 29483 Summerville (SC)

        t +1 843 871 1444

        Waycross (GA)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper Fabrics Waycross, LLC

        2500 Scapa Road 31503 Waycross (GA)

        t +1 912 490 4000

        f +1 912 285 1228

        West Monroe (LA)

        Group Division
        Voith Paper

        Voith Paper Fabric & Roll Systems Inc.

        5311 I-20 Service Road (71292) 71292 West Monroe (LA)

        t +1 318 387 1801

        f +1 318 322 3984

        York (PA)

        Group Divisions
        Voith Hydro, Voith Turbo

        Voith Hydro Inc.

        760 East Berlin Road 17408-8701 York (PA)

        t +1 717 792 7000

        f +1 717 792 7263

        Voith US Inc.

        25 Winship Road 17406-8419 York (PA)

        t +1 717 767 3200

        f +1 717 767 3210



          We offer careers in fields from business management to engineering, from manufacturing to IT. If you`re interested in technology, Voith is the place to be. You want to be challenged and developed? Your success is only limited by your imagination and motivation.

          Current job openings

          Title Location
          Application Engineer Appleton, Wisconsin
          Application Engineer II York, Pennsylvania
          Assembler Neenah, Wisconsin
          Assembler Trainee York, Pennsylvania
          Assembly Millwright I Appleton, Wisconsin
          Assembly Technician Springfield, Oregon
          Balancer West Monroe, Louisiana
          Blast Operator York, Pennsylvania
          Buyer II Appleton, Wisconsin
          Customer Service Rep Level II York, Pennsylvania
          Director of Digital Innovation- Papermaking Appleton, Wisconsin
          Director of HR GBS North America York, Pennsylvania
          Document Control Analyst York, Pennsylvania
          Electrical Maintenance Team Member Summerville, South Carolina
          Engineer I, Projects West Monroe, Louisiana
          Engineer, CFD & Development York, Pennsylvania
          Engineer, Mechanical (entry level) York, Pennsylvania
          Engineer, OTO York, Pennsylvania
          Engineer, Test- Hydraulic Lab York, Pennsylvania
          Fabricator Apprentice York, Pennsylvania
          Field Maintenance Supervisor Sacramento, California
          Field Service Expert Appleton, Wisconsin
          Finance Intern York, Pennsylvania
          Finisher Florence, Mississippi
          Fluids Engineer Appleton, Wisconsin
          HDC Focus Sales Account Mgr Houston, Texas
          Hydraulic Design Engineer II York, Pennsylvania
          Industrial Electrician Shreveport, Louisiana
          Intern POG NB Project Development Houston, Texas
          Intern, Human Resources York, Pennsylvania
          Machinist Neenah, Wisconsin
          Machinist Austell, Georgia
          Machinist II York, Pennsylvania
          Manager of Engineering II Springfield, Oregon
          Manager, HDC Sales York, Pennsylvania
          Manufacturing Associate Springfield, Oregon
          Mechanic Austell, Georgia
          Millwright West Monroe, Louisiana
          Overhead Crane Operator York, Pennsylvania
          Probationary Material Handler Trainee York, Pennsylvania
          Probationary Welder Trainee York, Pennsylvania
          Probationary Welder Trainee York, Pennsylvania
          Production Engineer York, Pennsylvania
          Project Manager York, Pennsylvania
          Project Manager York, Pennsylvania
          Quality and Safety Intern Florence, Mississippi
          Quality Analyst II York, Pennsylvania
          Sales Manager- Hydraulics (mid-west) York, Pennsylvania
          Sales Manager, AGT Houston, Texas
          Sales Manager, Industry Services Sacramento, California
          Sales Representative Montgomery, Alabama
          Seamer Shreveport, Louisiana
          Senior Engineer, Mechanical York, Pennsylvania
          Senior Field Service Technician York, Pennsylvania
          Service Project Manager York, Pennsylvania
          Service Sales Acct Manager- Retrofit York, Pennsylvania
          Shop Technician I York, Pennsylvania
          Shop Technician II York, Pennsylvania
          Sourcing Manager York, Pennsylvania
          Sourcing Manager, Projects York, Pennsylvania
          Sr. Manager of Materials & Purchasing Summerville, South Carolina
          Sr. Manager of Sales Appleton, Wisconsin
          Sr. Manager of Sales (Power, Oil & Gas) Houston, Texas
          Sr. Supplier Development Specialist Appleton, Wisconsin
          Supervisor II of Machining York, Pennsylvania
          Supervisor of Assembly York, Pennsylvania
          Supplier Quality Analyst II York, Pennsylvania
          Supply Chain Coordinator York, Pennsylvania
          Technical Sales Specialist II York, Pennsylvania
          Test Technician, Hydraulic Lab York, Pennsylvania
          Weaver Florence, Mississippi
          Welder I, Rotor Repair Appleton, Wisconsin
          Welder III, Manufacturing Appleton, Wisconsin

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