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    Through its flagship facility in York, Pennsylvania, Voith traces its American hydropower manufacturing heritage back over 140 years. The York location is one of the world's largest dedicated hydropower turbine equipment manufacturing facilities, and the only one in the United States to feature a hydraulic laboratory.

    Voith is a full-line supplier of hydropower equipment and services, from project planning and execution, manufacturing, electrical and mechanical engineering, outage management, modernization, and aftermarket business and services.

    Hydropower manufacturing in the US

      As one of the largest dedicated hydropower manufacturing facilities in the world, the York, Pennsylvania, plant builds and refurbishes components that serve a critical role in the electrical grid and production of renewable energy. From massive steel turbines to the networked control systems that operate hydropower stations, Voith is committed to serving our customers with precision workmanship, dedicated service and innovative solutions.

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        Voith Hydro

        For WELD MART™ hydro component repair services contact NorthAmerica.HyService@voith.com

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        760 East Berlin Road York, PA 17408-8701 United States


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          Highlight projects

            Voith Hydro has unparalleled experience in the modernization and uprate of existing hydroelectric facilities across the United States.

            Bath County

            Voith Hydro

            Bath County Pumped Storage Station: Jointly owned by Dominion Energy and First Energy, the Bath County Pumped Storage Station in Virginia is the world’s largest pumped storage power plant with a generation capacity of over 3,000 MW. Allis Chalmers, which Voith acquired in the 1980s, engineered the original 379 MW turbines for the Bath County Pumped Storage Station in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In the 2000s, Voith Hydro modernized and uprated Bath County’s turbines, which gives each a maximum generating capacity of 530 MW. The massive turbines – each impeller is approximately six (6) meters diameter and weighs ~90 tons – were shipped from York (almost 250 miles away) on a 19-axle truck. With the modernization, Bath County reclaimed its position as the "largest battery in the world."


            Voith Hydro

            Jocassee Pumped Storage Station: The Jocassee Hydro station is located in South Carolina and is owned by Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC. Allis Chalmers, which Voith acquired in the 1980s, engineered the original 193 MW turbines in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the 2000s, Voith Hydro modernized the turbine equipment, which gives each a maximum unit generating capacity of 205 MW. The massive turbines - each impeller is approximately seven (7) meters diameter and weighs ~150 tons - were shipped from York (almost 600 miles) on a 20-axle truck.


            Voith Hydro

            Voith Hydro provided new stator frames, core, winding and cooling system as well as rotor pole rehabilitation on units 9-11 at the Conowingo powerhouse for Exelon Generation Company, LLC. The field assembly and installation were also performed by Voith Hydro. As part of this outage, the generator rating was increased to 75MVA at a Power Factor of 0.95. The contract took place between February 2009 and December 2012. All units have been operating successfully since project completion.

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