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Your quick-start guide and FAQs

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This guide aims to help you apply for one of our job postings and answer questions you might have about our hiring process.

How to apply

    How do I find the right open position?

    Visit to browse our openings. You can search by keywords and locations. You have found a position you would like to apply for? Hit "Apply now".

    Jobs at Voith

    What do I need to apply online?

    Take a moment to prepare these answers, details, and documents for your online application – it will make the task so much easier.
    • Curriculum vitae
    • How did you hear about this position?
    • Do you have a work permit for the country you have applied for?
    • Scans of qualifications and certificates that document your academic achievements and of employment references
    • The maximum file size for uploads is 5 MB.
    • Languages and levels of proficiency: we recognize 4 levels, i.e. basic, intermediate, fluent and native speaker

    Completing the online application form takes about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the position.

    How do I apply online?

    We have a 2-step process for candidates.

    • To apply, you need to join our talent community.
    • The talent community dashboard lets you create a candidate profile for your job application.

    How do I create a talent community profile?

    Your talent community profile also allows you to set up job alerts and check the status of your application.
    If you have not applied for a job at Voith before, hit “Create profile”. Required details are your email address, first and last name as well as your telephone number. They are marked with an asterisk (*).

    By completing this form, you create a Voith talent community profile, which you can use for your current application and any other application for jobs at Voith in the future.

    Join the Voith talent community

    How do I create a candidate profile?

    Before you can create a candidate profile, you need to join the talent community. You can access your talent community account through the “View Profile” button in the upper right corner on

    To create your candidate profile, hit “Create an account” in the talent community dashboard. The button takes you straight to your candidate profile and the online application form.

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    FAQs about application process

      What happens after I have applied?

      After you have submitted your application, we will immediately confirm by email that we have received your application.

      Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email?

      If there is no confirmation email in your inbox, please check your SPAM folder. If the confirmation isn’t in your SPAM folder, please contact us at

      Can I apply for multiple openings at the same time?

      You are free to apply for as many openings as you are interested in.

      What is your hiring process?

      Our hiring process usually comprises three screening rounds.
      Candidates considered for recruitment are likely to be invited to join us for:

      • a telephone interview
      • a first personal interview
      • a second personal interview

      How long will it take to get a response?

      We strive to process all applications as soon as possible and to respond within 30 days.

      That said, applications do require coordination between different people and departments. Business trips and holidays may result in delays. A delay simply means we have not yet been able to complete the selection process. This is not a bad sign – it means your application is still being considered.

      Don't be shy to ask about the status of your application. The opening usually provides a name you can contact.

      Afraid you missed our response? You can log in to your talent community account to check on the status of your application.

      How long before starting a job should I apply?

      We aim to fill openings as quickly as possible. We recommend an early application and to consider your period of notice at your current employment.

      Beware of fake e-mails

      Beware! Fraudulent e-mails are being sent out in Voith’s name.
      In these “phishing mails”, recipients are offered practical training courses at Voith and requested to provide personal data like proof of insurance – and some are even asked to make payments. Millions of phishing mails are usually sent out. Fraudsters obtain the recipients’ e-mail addresses through special search engines or other providers. Voith is taking legal action against phishing! The sender address in these fraudulent e-mails is usually forged. These phishing mails do not originate from Voith. Unfortunately we cannot prevent criminals from sending out these mails. However, e-mail addresses which illegally use the name Voith will be removed from the Internet – and we are taking all possible steps to achieve this as soon as possible. If you are unsure about a mail you have received, please use our contact form to get in touch with us or mail us at

      We open doors and horizons

      Talents bring drive, visions, and very diverse skill sets to the inclusive Voith ecosystem. We value their strengths and perspectives and are invested in their personal and professional growth. With mentoring, coaching, and programs for continued learning at Voith, we open new paths and fuel career trajectories.

      FAQs about jobs at Voith in general

        Do you offer opportunities for lateral entrants?

        We welcome applications from lateral entrants who have the competencies required for the opening they apply for.

        What do you look for in candidates?

        Naturally, this depends on the position you apply for. As a rule, we look for people who are passionate about technology. We welcome personalities who are up for challenges, who are ready to take responsibility and the initiative in any role that they take on.
        Jobs at Voith

        Do you accept (unsolicited) applications by email?

        We only process applications submitted online for the jobs posted in our Job Search. If there is no current opening that appeals to you, you might want to join the Voith talent community and set up a job alert.

        Set up job alerts

        Interested in working at Voith? You’re only one click away from joining our talent community! It’s a great way to express your interest and stay connected. Signing up allows us to send you alerts on career opportunities to your personal email address. It’s a great way to express your interest and keep track of openings at Voith that might be a perfect fit for you.

        Join the talent community

        FAQs about internships, traineeships and theses

          How long are internships at Voith?

          We offer internship of three to six months. Shorter internships are possible, but they are an exception. Basic and preparatory internships as well as university internships depend on the duration of the respective study course.

          When should I apply for an internship?

          Ideally, three to four months prior to the start date you envisage. That said, you might be successful with a spontaneous application because we do frequently need interns at short notice.

          How can I apply for an internship?

          We post available internships and traineeships, as well as final thesis openings, on our Job Search page. Each opening comes with an invitation to apply online.

          In which areas can I apply for an internship?

          We offer internships in research and development, design and construction, manufacturing, IT administration and applications, production, technical sales projecting, commissioning and all business professions.

          Can I join Voith for basic or preparatory internship?

          Yes, at Voith locations in Heidenheim, Crailsheim or Munich (Garching) in Germany. For further information, please contact the respective Voith HR department.

          Contact Recruiting Services Europe (EMEA)

          Does Voith help interns to find accommodations?

          Yes, we support you in finding a suitable place to stay during your internship at Voith.

          Can I get a job at Voith after completing my Bachelor, Master’s or PhD degree?

          We welcome candidates who have completed their degree. We offer two types of openings for graduates: as a direct hire or as a trainee within our Talent Program, which concludes with a position at Voith.

          We recommend writing your final thesis at Voith. This creates excellent opportunities for making contacts and recommending yourself for a future job at Voith.

          Jobs for Graduates

          Can I write my thesis at Voith?

          Voith offers opportunities to write your thesis or PhD paper at Voith. Openings for thesis students are usually related to current projects in areas such as research and development, controlling, purchasing, supply chain, etc. Our PhD candidates primarily focus on areas, such as mechanical engineering, process technology, automation technology, paper technology or physical technology.
          Thesis opportunities at Voith Graduates at Voith