Susana Beltran Olivares

Manager of Administration and Finances, Voith Paper, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
I believe it is important in every business field to connect and to have a network across national and cultural borders. So far, I have only had positive experiences when connecting with colleagues. Networking and connecting have taught me something new every single time, and I am often able to gain a new perspective when looking at a specific topic, which I can then share with my team for better results.
Susana Beltran Olivares, Manager of Administration and Finances, Voith Paper, Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Meet Susana Beltran Olivares, our Manager of Administration and Finances, Voith Paper, Santiago de Chile (Chile).

Susana Beltran Olivares current function is Manager of Administration and Finances at Voith Paper in Santiago de Chile.

Susana started her education with technical studies in General Accounting. She then completed higher studies in Accounting and Finance followed by higher studies in Auditing. In addition, she received her diploma in Finance Application.

Susana is responsible for the supervision of Administration and Finances, which includes company accountability and management of purchasing, sales, suppliers, billing and charges and general administration. Her role also involves the analytical management of business areas, cost centers and other processes needed for resource optimization.

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Susana, what is your collaboration like with other departments and with colleagues from other regions?

While I work locally, I have continuous communication with our subsidiary VPP and with different operating departments: Accounting, Controlling, Financial and Sales. I monitor local processes associated with Chilean legislation and share this information with my VPP peers in order to align work concepts.

Please describe the working atmosphere at Voith.

It is a friendly, collaborative environment with many daily challenges that allow us to accept with height of sight the different opinions that can arise in the dynamics of our work.

What was your greatest success at Voith? Can you describe this by the example of a successful project and / or your professional / personal development?

I am proud of my successes in growth and development of Administration and Finances as well as professionalization and systematization of our division. I have also contributed to the development of audit and management control systems. We started from a very basic process of control and systems; however, as we grew as an organization, it became necessary to invest in an ERP system, in addition to integrating professionals to the team that generate added value to our organization.

Which of the megatrends of decarbonization, digitalization, renewable energies, renewable raw materials, alternative drive systems that Voith addresses with its product portfolio do you serve in your function? Can you describe your task about this in more detail?

In my role in accounting and as controller, digitization and digital growth play a fundamental part in delivering real-time and reliable information for the control, optimization, decision making and management of the company.

Susana Beltran Olivares

Which innovative technologies do you deal with? Can you give us a brief insight?

Today, we are working on the implementation of SAP HANA, which will help us improve business management and control in a more user-friendly way.

Voith is to become the benchmark in sustainability matters. In your function, can you make a contribution to living up to this claim?

We are focusing on improving processes and actively participating with an open mind to learn, implement and use these new technological tools that will help Voith to be more efficient and give quick answers to business questions.

Why do you think young people as well as experienced professionals should pursue a career at Voith?

Voith offers effective development opportunities with a range of knowledge and experiences and is a pioneer and leader in its field. Employees benefit from job stability and the high level of employability you can acquire.

What benefits does Voith have to offer from which you did (and continue to) benefit?

I’ve had the ability to develop continuous knowledge of a very particular field, exposure to business areas related to national and international market, and the opportunity to be a transversal part of all the activities that are developed. These benefits are especially important considering the geographical place we are located (Chile) and this not being the norm in the local industry.

What excites you the most? What makes you proud to work at Voith?

The sense of identity and belonging animates me every day. I enjoy the stability of being part of a multinational organization active in the market, and I’ve appreciated the recognition of my work at Voith. To feel that I can help others on my team and transfer knowledge so that we all grow professionally and personally is very rewarding.

Is there anything else you would like to mention? Do you have a specific message you want to convey with your interview?

The COVID pandemic today makes us rethink our real-life goals, evaluate and pursue what makes us happy. Personally, being part of this organization is a reason for gratitude, challenges, experiences, permanent growth and having sufficient capacity to establish ties with people who have the same sense of belonging to the organization despite the individual adversities that may affect us and that are part of life. At the end of the day, we want to feel it was worth everything.

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