Your benefits at Voith

Your benefits at Voith: What you can expect as a team member

Benefits for employees: More than just a good salary

    As a part of our team, you play an important role in the company – you join in the dialogue, at eye level, with openness and diversity, in a culture that fosters everyone’s growth. We offer flexible work models to accommodate every living situation. And as a family business, your health and personal development are especially important to us. 

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    Flexible work models

      Your work model should fit your living situation, not the other way around. No matter how you live your life: we want to offer all our employees a work environment that accommodates their individual needs and requirements.
      At Voith, you can therefore make use of different work models that fit your living situation and are individually agreed upon with your manager. Working models include:
      • flexitime
      • part-time work
      • job sharing
      • sabbaticals
      • remote work

      Company-wide, we promote a respectful culture that is based on mutual appreciation and equal opportunities. Thus, we promote personal growth for all employees through exchange, appreciation, openness, and diversity.

      Exchange & feedback culture

        Sustaining an open dialogue between managers and employees is crucial to remain satisfied in the workplace.
        As an employee of Voith, you have the opportunity to give and receive structured feedback several times a year. Possible topics are:
        • your goals, talents, and interests
        • opportunities for development, support, and advancement
        • other individual topics

        Openness and diversity are core elements for us, which is why we aim to considerably increase the proportion of female employees at all levels (amount 2023: 18%). To reach this goal, we’re actively creating new programs and initiatives. For example, Voith offers female employees the exclusive networking platform Women & Voith, which also supports women with a special mentoring program.

        Support for childcare & caregiving

           Employees are more than just workers.
          That’s why we support your living situation with the following benefits:
          • Childcare: At many locations, Voith collaborates with local kindergartens and offers its employees places in daycare centers, thus making childcare more accessible for parents. Other options at some Voith locations are parent-child rooms and emergency childcare options for exceptional circumstances. 
          • Support for caregivers: As a Voith employee in Germany, you’ll receive information and support when it comes to looking after your relatives. For this, we collaborate with an external service provider.

          Financial benefits

            We take fair salaries for granted. Your salary is closely tied to the demands of your position, your qualifications, and your performance. 
            At Voith, salaries are never influenced by your background, gender, religion, or other personal characteristics.

            In addition, we offer various insurance benefits and company retirement plans at some locations.

            Further training & development

              We live for challenges and set ourselves ambitious goals to grow as individuals and as a company. 
              That’s why we offer you individually customized coaching programs and platforms for lifelong learning: 
              • Opportunities for advancement: As a team, we go forward courageously, innovatively, and goal-oriented because we know it pays off to invest in innovative ideas and our employees. The development of your career is important to us. To foster your potential, we enable you to easily change positions between departments and locations. 
              • International exchange: We work across borders. In our offices and production sites around the world, you’ll meet people from international teams. 
              • Growing together: Our work methods continuously develop across all company divisions. For example, Voith Paper has already successfully implemented new work elements: desk sharing, hybrid meeting spaces, private spaces, or areas to get together.

              Health & wellbeing

                Whether you work in production or an office: 
                We look after our employees – and their health:
                • Safety and protection: We pay attention when it comes to designing workplaces and processes and continuously develop our protocols to prevent accidents and work-related illness. 
                • Healthy diet: Our restaurants and cafeterias offer healthy menus and support you in reconciling your work life with your health. 
                • Fitness offers: Many of our locations provide concessions and benefits at local fitness centers or fitness courses. In addition, many of our employees regularly meet in company sports groups to go running or biking. 
                • More offers: As part of our health services, at some locations, you can consult with our company doctors and attend talks about health topics.

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