Value-driven Intelligence
with Voith OnCumulus

Voith’s promise for the digital future

    Why Voith is your reliable partner for the digital future

    Voith’s substantial domain knowledge supports industrial companies in capitalizing on digitalization and mastering digital advancement. Voith’s unique expertise enables customers to optimize their processes and resources to achieve greater flexibility as well as data privacy and security. That's exactly what Voith’s new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) OnCumulus offering provides to customers – Value-driven Intelligence.

    An important step towards the digital twin

    By linking different applications via OnCumulus, customers are moving closer to the overall vision of the digital twin, the ultimate system where all components and systems of the machine communicate and interact with each other, forming a virtual machine model in the cloud. There, customers will be able to virtually simulate test series and reflect the real-life operation of the physical machine.

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    OnCumulus – A starter pack for digitalization

    Thanks to the huge developments in information and communication technologies, customers can now benefit from new advancements such as faster data exchange, Big Data analytics, and cloud solutions.

    OnCumulus, the Voith Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform, provides capabilities for sensor data collection, data aggregation in the cloud, deep analytics and structured visualization for prioritizing operational improvement opportunities. Connecting data from the paper production line to the cloud platform will be ensured by some of the latest security standards for the industry.

    OnCumulus also includes a secure connection between your paper production line and our cloud platform, including all necessary hardware and software components, secure user access to the cloud platform, cloud storage capacities and basic web applications summarized in the OnCumulus.Suite. Consequently, the Voith IIoT platform is the first step towards a full digitalization of your operations.

    The Industrial Internet of Things platform: OnCumulus.Platform

      One centralized, reliable data hub for your industrial data

      The IIoT platform OnCumulus.Platform serves as a hub for data from various sources, including plants, production lines, machines and devices.

      Customers benefit from one centralized, reliable access point for their data, from which they can launch their digitalization initiatives. OnCumulus.Platform provides fast, reliable and secure access to data from local machines and systems in the cloud, making your data readily available for efficient usage.

      The software and hardware foundation ensures a secure data connection from an edge gateway to the cloud platform via AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol). Voith follows a two-layer security model and is compliant with the GDPR as well as CSA, NIST, NERC-CIP and OWASP.

      OnCumulus has strong data storage, data processing and data visualization capabilities due to the use of market-leading infrastructure. This also ensures the system will grow according to market standards, which enables long-term stability and trust.

      Speaking of trust, customers are the owner of their data, and Voith is continuously growing data centers in every region to meet the regional data privacy and security regulations.

      The first step towards visualization and analytics: OnCumulus.Suite


        In addition to the IIoT platform, OnCumulus.Suite already provides the first possibilities to benefit from data intelligence: By pre-structuring the available data using visualization and analytical functionalities, customers benefit from the basic, easy-to-use tools Analyzer, Cockpit, Events and Functions. Customers can access their data in near real-time and take the first step towards optimizing their operating process with personalized dashboards.

        Functionalities at a glance


        • Analyzer is used to monitor and evaluate the available historical and live data.
        • By means of intuitively usable tools for graphical display, it is possible to perform any detailed analysis of the data in time lines, XY graphs, profiles, color maps or even as a dial gauge.
        • New diagrams can be generated very quickly and easily via drag & drop, for example, to identify trends. With just a few mouse clicks, you can create new elements, display additional signals or remove them from a chart. Colors can be freely selected, axes are easily scalable – in short, a comprehensive kit is available on a modern, intuitive interface.


        • Cockpit visualizes the efficiency of complex processes in a clear and easily understandable way.
        • The application provides operating personnel, technologists, maintenance teams and management with information they need to operate the plant safely. In the background of the application, the data of key components are put into context with each other to create a condensed picture of the manufacturing process. For each view, the key parameters and sub-processes are aggregated to show the efficiency of the main process. This is done on a web-based user interface in a very compact and intuitive way, so that the operator is guided directly to the crucial information.


        • Events displays all events that happened during a time interval in an easy and structured way to the operating personnel. Quick time filters, such as time and status, show trends and changes in the plant behavior. The plant filter gives the maintenance team the ability to localize and isolate the source of failures.
        • In addition, the Events application is linked to the Cockpit application, which shows a detailed view of the selected signal, allowing the operator to make a detailed analysis of the event.



        • Functions allows customers to extract valuable information out of existing signals through statistical analysis. This new information is stored as a virtual signal that is then sent to the OnCumulus database and is available for other applications like Analyzer and OnCumulus.Reporting.
        • A user friendly interface allows users to configure individual calculations in real-time without writing code. This calculation and the quick edits that go with it will be in the cloud infrastructure and will not interfere with the productive control system of the plants. When the calculation is defined and activated, it will be calculated online automatically as soon as new measurements for the used signals are available.

        Industry-specific applications will benefit your overall production

          By combining OnCumulus.Suite with the new cloud-based applications of the proven solutions, customers profit not only from the increase in efficiency, productivity and quality of the entire paper production supply chain, but also gain new additional possibilities as well.

          As the applications are on the same cloud-based technical platform, customers benefit from bridging information and data views cross-site and cross-app, allowing for new correlation possibilities for more advanced insights, and transparency. External information sources such as raw material prices, weather data, or connections to online shops or warehouses can be easily integrated and correlated with existing operational data.

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