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Hydrodynamic torque converters

Simple & reliable operation that is customized to your requirements

    Torque converter working principle

    Offering great versatility, reliability, simplicity combined with customization, our hydrodynamic torque converters for industrial applications are designed to the exact characteristics of the driven machine within your application.

    These compact and robust torque converters have a long lifespan, even when operating in harsh environments, with the capability to modulate torque and speed up to 100 MW . 

    Based on the fundamentals of hydrodynamic power transmission, these units are trusted and have been used in industrial applications since 1950.


    All benefits at a glance

      Highest proven reliability with over 10,000 installations
      Precise torque
      Precise torque and speed control for a wide power range
      Easy start-up
      Easy start-up and handling of high break away torques and inertia
      Grid protection
      An unloaded motor start ensures grid protection
      Small footprint
      Owing to a high power density
      Long lifespan
      Robust and durable design

      How torque converters work

        Torque converters are hydrodynamic transmissions, that were invented based on the ”Foettinger Principle“. They transmit the torque of the driving motor wear-free and steplessly, within a closed circuit.

        This closed circuit consists of a pump, turbine and guide wheel with adjustable guide vanes, as an option. The mechanical energy of the motor is converted into kinetic fluid energy through the pump wheel. In the turbine wheel, this kinetic energy is converted back into mechanical energy and transmitted to the output shaft. The adjustable guide vanes regulate the mass flow thereby providing variable output speed.

        Principle of hydrodynamic power transmission

        Our portfolio

          Type E…

          • Fixed guide vanes with different characteristics

          Type EL…

          • Adjustable guide vanes for accurate speed control


          • Filling and draining valves, gears and turning device

          Key technical data

            Power   Up to 100 MW  
            Output torque   Up to 110,000 Nm  
            Input speeds   Up to 3,600 rpm  


            Packaged starters

              Your complete system solution

              This all-inclusive solution assists in reducing site assembly, alignment, and commissioning time as the components of the packaged starting system are selected to complement each other, achieving an economical and space conscious design.

              The torque converter, motor, and all required accessory equipment are factory mounted onto a common base. For more demanding requirements, such as the retrofitting of a unit to an older gas turbine, a self-contained packaged starter design can include an integral oil tank. Additionally, an optional onboard PLC system can be fitted to control the various phases of the starting sequence.

              Furthermore, the driver (motor) can be used above its continuous rating during the short start-up of the gas turbine. The driver when designed as a true starting motor will be smaller, space saving, and a more economical.

              Hydrodynamic torque converter package


                Gas turbine starter

                With an abundance of torque available, the torque converter can quickly accelerate the gas turbine to and above its self-sustaining speed. This is an important requirement when it comes to state-of-the-art, high temperature gas turbines that require high torque at low output speed.

                Other functions include:

                • Turning the gas turbine by means of the integral turning gear for slow-roll functions
                • Indexing the gas turbine for inspections
                • Fast spin-cooling of the gas turbine for ease of maintenance
                • Extended gas turbine water-wash cycles

                Subsea pumps

                Compact and simple in design, this space saving torque converter is a reliable solution for challenging subsea applications. Integrated inside the pump, the converter regulates the speed of the pump. The complete unit is installed on the seabed and apart from an electrical supply system, it does not need any other supply lines. This converter paves the way for improved profitatbility against the background of decreasing flow rates at existing wells and increasing distances at expansion wells. The investment cost can be reduced by up to 70%, when factoring in heavy and space-intensive platform equipment costs.

                Test field drives

                This high power density, small footprint, compact torque converter, is used in power applications of up to 65 MW. Type EL... torque converters have adjustable guide vanes and are ideally suited to test field drive applications. Decoupling of the motor from the driven equipment allows for an unloaded motor start. The torque converter provides full torque instantaneously, even if output is blocked, and can be started easily without any big inrush current and grid impact. Most importantly, speed and torque are controlled accurately and smoothly. Designed for a long lifespan, of at least 30 years, these units have guaranteed spare part availability world-wide.

                Additional applications:

                • Volumetric pumps
                • Extruders
                • Agitators
                • Chain conveyors
                • Winches

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                  The revolutionary pump drive and subsea coupling system

                  Voith has partnered with Fuglesangs Subsea to develop an advanced pump drive and coupling system, leading to outstanding reliability and huge costs savings. By integrating a Voith torque converter into the pump on the sea floor, electrical variable frequency drives on the topside are no longer required for speed control.


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