Variable speed drives: Leading efficiency meets optimum speed

Perfect control – From 100 kW to 65,000 kW

    Efficient and reliable speed control of motor-driven machines is crucial to a wide range of industries and applications. Our solution includes a range of variable speed drives (VSDs) that keep your systems running at optimum speed.

    Whether you operate in the power or oil and gas industry, Voith provides reliable and efficient variable speed drives, supporting transmittable power ranges from 100 kW to 65,000 kW. Our portfolio of robust solutions, includes the cutting-edge VECO-Drive and VoreconNX. Our technology and expertize provides peace of mind that your installations are engineered to keep pace with industry – day after day.

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    Our product highlights


      The VoreconNX series guarantees efficient control of compressors and pump with its latest advances

      • Efficient control of compressors and pumps
      • Our most economical solution for up to 10 MW
      • 48 years mean time between failures (MTBF)
      • 8% higher efficiency at partial load
      • Proven Vorecon technology at a highly competitive price
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      With the VECO-Drive efficiency and speed control takes a new turn towards the future with:

      • A peak efficiency of more than 97% 
      • Durable variable speed planetary gears that operate reliably, even in harsh environments 
      • The smallest electrical footprint 
      • Conditioned based maintenance supported by a self-learning data diagnostic system 
      • Grid protection that is achieved with active front technology and motor soft-start
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      Our portfolio offering

        Highest efficiency with the smallest electrical footprint

        Offering the best combination of electrical and mechanical engineering, our electrically controlled variable speed planetary gear is equipped with oil & gas approved servo motors. Ideal for pump and compressor operation within the power range of up to 15 MW and/or 15,000 rpm.

        Speed regulation range:
        70% - 105% (compressors) / 50% - 100% (pumps)

        Learn more about VECO-Drive
        The latest in mechanical variable speed planetary gear

        Especially designed for speed control in the lower power range, up to 10 MW or 16,000 rpm, and ideally suited to pump and compressor applications. The VoreconNX is the latest product offering within the Vorecon range of mechanical variable speed and is based on planetary gear combining hydrodynamic couplings technology.

        Speed regulation range: 70% - 105%

        Learn more about VoreconNX
        Full mechanical variable speed planetary gear

        Offering the lowest total cost of ownership, this established range of mechanical variable speed planetary gear is based on hydrodynamic torque converter technology. Also, ideal for pump and compressor operation, and further applications within the power range of up to 50 MW or 20,000 rpm.

        Speed regulation range: 10% - 105%

        Learn more about Vorecon variable speed planetary gears
        Geared variable speed coupling
        Highest availability with the lowest investment & maintenance
        Geared variable speed couplings

        The most economical means of controlling speed with minimal maintenance and investment, Voith geared variable speed couplings, are ideal for pump and compressor in the power range of up to 40 MW or 20,000 rpm.

        Speed regulation range: 25% - 100%

        Learn more about Geared variable speed couplings
        Variable speed fluid couplings
        Compact and reliable
        Variable speed fluid couplings

        Compact design coupled with reliability, our hydrodynamic coupling solution, is perfect for speed variation applications ranging from 100 kW up to 35 MW (up to 3,600 rpm). Peace of mind is assured with more than 15,000 successful global installations.

        Speed regulation range: 25% - 100%

        Learn more about Variable speed fluid couplings
        Hydrodynamic torque converters
        Reliability through simplicity
        Hydrodynamic torque converters

        As a starting or variable speed element with or without an integrated gear stage(s) this solution is perfect for starting and turning operations, e.g. for gas turbines, test field applications and subsea.

        Power range 1 -100 MW

        Learn more about Hydrodynamic torque converters
        The smallest starting system footprint offering the highest availability

        With an integrated lock-up and torque multiplying characteristic, this hydrodynamic torque converter is ideal for the start-up of rotating equipment that requires an extreme break-away torque or high inertia acceleration.

        Power range: From 5 up to 100 MW

        Learn more about Vosycon

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          Geared variable speed couplings

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          Fluid couplings

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          Torque converters

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          Service solutions and engineering support

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            Count on Us for service solutions

            As a valued Voith customer, you benefit from our years of experience in the variable speed drives market.

            We offer the right service solutions to ensure that your motor-driven machines continue operating safely and reliably. Turn to our power transmission experts for advice on and assistance with your projects.

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            Engineering and design support for variable speed drives

            Sometimes we all can use a helping hand. At Voith, we are pleased to provide engineering and design support for all products in our portfolio.

            Our support offering includes:

            • train torsional analysis
            • lateral vibration analysis
            • 3D rotor dynamic calculation
            • finite element calculation
            • earthquake simulation