Highest efficiency with the smallest electrical footprint

Highest efficiency with the smallest footprint

    The ideal speed regulation solution for high-speed rotating equipment that saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions, the VECO-Drive, achieves this high operational efficiency by operating an electrically controlled superimposing planetary gear with frequency-controlled servo motors.  As a result, a small amount of rated power ensures a record efficiency of more than 97%.

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    We selected the VECO-Drive for the energy-saving transformation project of our water supply pump. The VECO-Drive speed control is in operation and has already achieved energy-saving targets.
    Cui Chengliang, Vice General Manager at Guangzhou China Resources Thermal Power

    All benefits at a glance

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      Peak efficiency
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      Reduced capital expenditure
      due to main motor derating
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      Annual energy savings
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      Less maintenance
      13% less VFD equipment
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      Reduced footprint
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      Grid protection
      Soft motor start

      How the VECO-Drive works

        Motor start

          Direct online start (type RE)

          Direct online start with VECO-Drive RE

          The main motor is started directly online (DOL). Simultaneously, two servo motors accelerate the driven equipment smoothly, thus ensuring a rapid start-up and a reduced main motor load.

          Soft motor start (type REC)

          Soft motor start with VECO-Drive REC

          This type uses two servo motors as an alternative to a direct online start. Large voltage fluctuations are avoided using the two servo motors as soft starters; this is highly recommended when large drives are connected to a weak grid.

          Superimposing planetary gear

            The ring gear is driven at a constant speed by the main motor. The servo motors control the speed of the planet carrier and, with this, the speed of the sun and output shaft.

            To reduce speed, the gears turn in the opposite direction recuperating power. Most of the power is mechanically transmitted, and only a minor portion is used as control power. This precept is known as the power split principle.

            Key technical data

              • Rated power: 4 MW – 15 MW
              • Input speed: 1,500 rpm or 1,800 rpm
              • Rated output speed: 5,000 rpm – 15,000 rpm
              • Speed range: 70% - 105% (compressors), 50% - 100% (pumps)
              • Installation: Ex, non-Ex


                VECO-Drive | Installation

                In February 2020, the first two VECO-Drive units were successfully commissioned and put timeously into commercial operation. Processes have been running smoothly and efficiently at a thermal power plant in Guangzhou, China, with all tests onsite passed with distinction and fulfilling the customer’s expectations. 

                Currently, the two VECO-Drive units drive the boiler feed pumps and form part of an energy-saving transformation project.

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