Voith Linear Jet

Voith Linear Jet

High efficiency at all speeds: The Voith Linear Jet

Thanks to its constantly high efficiency, the Voith Linear Jet offers an excellent solution especially for ships with a mixed-use profile ranging between slow and fast speeds. Due to its design, the propulsion system is also distinguished by robustness, low noise emissions and ease of maintenance.

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Wide range of applications

    Voith provides propulsion systems tailored to a wide range of applications

    Reliable, Silent, Efficient

      Voith Linear Jet
      Due to its special design. the Voith Linear Jet (VLJ) has few moving parts, which makes the system robust and easy to maintain. In combination with the nozzle and rotor profile that are specially adapted to the ship, extremely low noise and vibration emissions are achieved.


      The constantly high efficiency over the entire range of operation makes the compact propulsion concept interesting primarily for wind farm support vessels, yachts, high-speed ferries and comparable applications with a mixed-use profile ranging between slow cruising speed and running at speeds ranging from 25 to 40 knots.

      Additional advantages of the VLJ are a shallower draft and a high bollard pull, making it an alternative to propellers or water jets.

      All benefits at a glance

        Voith Turbo Voith Linear Jet
        Easy installation
        Easy installation
        Access to shallow water areas
        Low maintenance
        Low maintenance
        Low noise
        Low noise and vibration
        No pollution risk
        No pollution risk
        Efficiency - Lower fuel burn
        Lower fuel burn
        Voith Turbo Voith Linear Jet

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              • Reliable, silent, efficient | Voith Linear Jet

                Reliable, silent, efficient | Voith Linear Jet