Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Safe Working in Wind and Weather on Offshore Wind Farms

For working on offshore wind farms, reliable propulsion systems that do their job under adverse conditions are an important requirement for ships. The ability to react quickly to the effects of wind and swells make the VSP and the VIT the ideal choice for such applications. This is because they reduce weather-related outage and waiting times and increase safety.

Precise maneuvering and holding position as well as possible under changing ambient conditions are absolutely necessary for safe work on offshore wind farms. With their quick and precise reaction to different wind, wave and current conditions, both the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) and the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) make extremely good dynamic positioning (DP) possible.

This ensures that the safe transfer of personnel to the wind turbines is still possible, even under extremely adverse conditions. The active roll stabilization of the VSP supports the good response of the ship to swells and creates a stable working platform. In addition, the reduced roll motion of the ship increases on-board comfort and reduces the risk of seasickness.

The low noise level of the VIT increases on-board comfort and allows accommodation to be sited near the bow thruster room because costly sound insulation is not necessary. The VIT also needs considerably less installation space than alternative propulsion systems.