Voith Roll Stabilization VRS

Voith Roll Stabilization VRS

Prevents Rolling Even in High Waves: Voith Roll Stabilization

Voith Roll Stabilization not only increases on-board comfort. The system also increases the safety of the passengers and crew and supports more cost-effective ship operation.


Wide range of applications

    Voith provides propulsion systems tailored to a wide range of applications

    Both under dynamic positioning and when traveling full speed ahead, Voith Roll Stabilization (VRS) counteracts up to 90 percent of all the rolling motion of a ship. This not only improves the on-board comfort of working ships, ferries and yachts, but also increases the safety of passengers and crew.

    In addition, offshore support vessels, for example, can continue working even in heavy seas thanks to the VRS. Due to these extended operating times the ships can be operated more cost-effectively.

    The Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) forms the basis for using the VRS module. As it is necessary to specify the thrust magnitude and thrust direction quickly for the system to work, the ship must also be equipped with an electronic control system. The combination of these two systems with the Voith Roll Stabilization forms a system that automatically allows response time to counter the wave motion, almost completely eliminating the potential for rolling. 


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