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    Your individual requirements continue to be our top priority at Voith, where we customize plug-and-play systems with all components supplied from a single source.

    Further peace of mind is guaranteed with our network of global engineers that have over 50 years of experience in these specialized markets: mechanical engineering, sheet metal working, plastics processing machines, press applications, machine tools and energy.

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    Available products

      Drive systems for punching and nibbling

      Lean assembly together with an economical drive system is what we provide for every punching machine irrespective of the category. Voith hydraulic punch drives are energy-efficient and wear-resistant systems, offering high power density combined with superior durability in a modular design.

      Whether you are looking for a punching machine drive for an entry level, midrange, or high-end unit, you've come to the right place. Using Voith's drive solutions means that your drive will not be under- or over-engineered.

      Technical data

      Maximum punching force

      220 kN or 330 kN

      Stroke rate

      300 – 1 500 cycles per minute for punching/nibbling; up to 3 800 cycles per minute for marking


      up to 0.01 mm

      Connection power

      7.5 kW – 15 kW

      Data interfaces

      RS-232, CAN, Profibus, Ethernet, USB, SERCOS, Ethercat, Ethernet-Powerlink, Modbus

      Drive systems for punching and shearing applications

      Modular in design and providing the highest degree of application flexibility together with safe and simple process control is all made possible with our highly dynamic switching valves. Our punching and shearing hydraulic systems feature compact short-stroke valve cylinders. When special forming processes and positioning tasks are required, proportional and servo control technology are utilized. Furthermore, complete systems are supplied and are easy to connect to the machine. These systems comprise of an actuator, a hydraulic control, a power pack with energy-efficient internal gear pumps and an electronic control.

      Technical data




      20 kN – 2,000 kN


      up to 1,000 mm/s

      Connection power

      3 kW – 90 kW


      Variable speed pumps and servo pumps

      Variable speed pumps and servo pumps
      The complete solution is delivered as a customized, ready to run product and all from a single source. All that is needed is the cycle data of your machine or system, as this information is used to determine the necessary pressures and volume flows and design the pump systems.
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      Press drive PSH

      Productivity and efficiency play an immensely important role in manufacturing com­panies. This is one reason why servo presses are being used more and more often in forming technology. Voith's innovative PSH press drive gives you a highly flexible drive system that allows you to design your motion se­quence and press force in a precise and highly flexible manner. The power transmission in the PSH is hydraulic. Nevertheless, the system is com­pact and requires considerably less installation space than other drive systems. Furthermore, it operates without conventional valve and control technology. Actively controlled servo pumps generate a volume flow only when needed in the hydraulic system, this re­duces the energy consumption of your press by up to 60 percent.

      Technical data

      Press force 500 to > 10 000 kN (50 to > 1 000 t)
      Functional principle during quick-traverse operation Suction operation with controlled speed
      Logical stroke length > 400 mm
      Position-control precision 0.01 mm
      Pressure-control precision ± 1 bar

      Looking for a press drive with different data? We are sure to have a solution for that one as well.

      Die cushion drive CSH

      Die cushion drive CSH
      In deep drawing presses, two subsystems play the decisive role for productivity and workpiece quality: the press drive and the die cushion. A precisely defined blank holder force ensures controlled flow of the material into the drawing die and is the basis for a stable forming process. The innovative Voith CSH die cushion drive provides you with a highly flexible servo-hydraulic drive system. With this drive, you actively and precisely set the characteristics for position, force and speed – and you can do this over the entire deep drawing process. Your die cushion becomes a servo cushion!

      Application fields

      • Retrofit of hydraulic die cushion drives and control systems
      • Upgrade of mechanical, gas spring supported or hydraulic blank holders
      • Retrofit of servo-electric die cushion drives
      • Deep drawing presses:
        • Hydraulic presses with die cushion
        • Servo presses with die cushion
        • Mechanical presses with die cushion
      • Perfect complement to the Voith PSH servo press drive
      • Defined delay of high-mass bodies

      Technical data

      Blank holder force, die cushion force 100 to > 10 000 kN (10 to 1 000 t)
      Rated power Up to 2 MW
      Position control accuracy Up to 0.01 mm
      Force control accuracy Up to ± 1 percent
      HMI 15.4-inch TFT LCD control panel with intuitive touchscreen operator interface
      Communication Profibus/ Profisafe, Profinet, Ethernet, USB

      Are you looking for a die cushion drive with different data? We are sure to have a solution for that one as well.

      Accumulator charging units

      Accumulator charging units are the flywheels of hydraulic systems. Their task is to temporarily store hydraulic energy. Using an accumulator charging circuit makes particular sense if the energy demand of a hydraulic system varies greatly. A hydraulic accumulator fills during the partial-load or no-load phases of the machine cycle. The energy stored in this way is then once again available during periods of high energy demand. This makes it possible to design the motors and pumps only for the average energy demand.

      Accumulator charging units
      1 Accumulator charging main block
      2 Check valve
      3 Safety valve (type examination)
      4 Accumulator charging valve
      5 Pressure gauge
      6 Manual accumulator discharging
      7 Optional: electric accumulator discharging
      8 Optional: pressure switch for system pressure

      Technical data

      Suitable pump flow rates 10 - 400 l/min
      Maximum operating pressure 345 bar
      Stepless adjustment ranges for the upper operating pressure switching point 20 - 45, 45 - 80, 80 - 120, 120 - 175, 175 - 250 or 250 - 315 bar
      Switching hysteresis 5, 10, 15 or 20 percent

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