Hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

Hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

Innovative hydraulics and drive technology

    Highly dynamic, precise and robust

    Voith offers innovative hydraulic systems and components as well as self-contained servo drives for a wide variety of applications. Among others, hydraulic solutions from Voith are used in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector and in the energy sector. As an international partner with high system competence, we develop modern fluid technology - customized and tailor-made to your requirements.

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      Thanks to high energy efficiency, overload safety and virtually wear-free operation, self-contained drives from Voith are suitable for practically all linear movements that require high dynamics and precision.

      For more than 50 years, we have been delivering hydraulic systems that are designed specifically to your requirements. Voith plug-and-play solutions ensure peace of mind, with all components originating from a single source.

      Voith pumps are used for countless applications in low, medium and high pressure applications. Ensuring high volumetric efficiency and low pressure pulsation, the design of our pumps was optimized over decades. 

      Demanding hydraulic systems require exceptional valves. High dynamics and extremely short response times  ensure that hydraulic systems receive optimum regulation and control characteristics with our Voith valve technology.

      To constantly meet the planned technical and economic requirements of your hydraulic power pack, Voith supports the individual product development process as well as comprehensive consulting and detailed planning. 

      Control electronics and intelligent application software are required for complex control and monitoring tasks. Enabling high machine productivity, Voith electronics take over all control and monitoring tasks for the hydraulic system.

      Intelligent hydraulic systems

        Digital solutions for industry 4.0 for hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

        Digital solutions for industry 4.0

        Increased production gains due to higher demands are achieved with progressive hydraulic and hybrid servo electrohydraulic solutions. In order to maintain and extract the best productivity from your manufacturing facility, Voith equips its hydraulic systems and components with sensors. These sensors precisely record the status of your equipment, providing you the operator with analyzed data. This digitalization process assists in optimizing production runs and with planning and scheduling of required maintenance.
        Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for hydraulic systems, components and self-contained servo drives

        Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

        Voith components record and transmit a wide range of operating parameters, including pressure, acceleration and temperature. Further information such as oil level, filter condition and plant efficiency can be collected for the purpose of condition monitoring. A software package is programmed to receive data from the servo inverter at regular intervals. This stored data then serves as a base, and deviations are immediately detected and predictive maintenance initiated. Through this process both the machine and system is optimized, saving valuable time and earnings.  Furthermore, on-site service calls as a result are reduced by up to 70 percent.


          With our service, we guarantee the maximum productivity and performance of our hydraulic systems and components and ensure the highest availability possible - for you, on site.

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                Drive technology for machine and plant construction - Overview of portfolio

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