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    The unique Voith H2 storage system solutions guarantee a higher value add – for a more stable and sustainable tomorrow.

    We are your close development partner for an easy implementation of hydrogen drive systems.

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    Carbon4Tank, the certified 700 bar hydrogen storage tank from Voith

    The 700 bar and 350-liter H2 tanks are manufactured with our extraordinary TowPreg filament winding process.

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    H2 Plug & Drive Storage System, the all in one modular hydrogen storage system from tank nozzle to drive interface from Voith.
    H2 Plug & Drive Storage System

    All in one modular hydrogen storage system from tank nozzle to drive interface.

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    One magic material for high-performance solutions

    Carbon fiber composites are well known for having high stiffness and being very lightweight. These two factors are relevant and very important for automotive and many other industries. Nowadays a new segment for the use in the transportation sector is found due to the need of lightweight but very safe high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

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    Prime partner for mobility and transportation

    Voith is globally well known for its bride industrial product portfolio. For over 155 years we are globally the reliable partner of automotive and heavy commercial vehicle OEMs. Made in Germany and with a lot of heart and passion we focus on the benefits of our customer and their customer to maximize the efficiency all over the supply chain. Because our goal is to revolutionize the mobility of tomorrow NOW.

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    About Voith HySTech

    At Voith HySTech, we are revolutionizing the mobility of tomorrow with our innovative hydrogen storage systems. As part of the renowned Voith Group, we contribute decades of expertise in the development and manufacture of customized CFRP products.

    Our flagship technology, the modular H2 Storage System, enables refueling in just 10 minutes and offers maximum safety and storage capacity. Our 'Plug & Drive' approach promises seamless integration into your vehicle applications, making a significant contribution to the decarbonization of heavy-duty transport. With our unique TowPreg winding process, we achieve a quality that is unmatched in the industry.

    Despite market challenges and high expectations, we have managed to offer a certified and safe product with our hydrogen tank that is recognized by leading truck OEMs worldwide. We are Voith HySTech, and we are shaping a zero-emission future - sustainably and safely.



      UNECE R 134 Certificaton
      First certified H₂ tank with 700 bar and 350 litres is now approved for on-road use

      For hydrogen tanks to be released on the road, the law defines that they must be certified beforehand. In Europe, type approval on H₂ tank systems is governed by the regulation UNECE R 134. Now, for the first time, a Type IV 700 bar and 350 litre hydrogen capacity tank has been approved for road use under the guidelines of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

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      Towpreg winding of a H2-Tank
      Recycling hydrogen tanks to produce automotive structural components

      We're developing recycling solutions for hydrogen storage tanks and manufacturing methods to produce automotive parts from the recycled materials. Our focus lies on advancing two distinct recycling approaches in particular: one tailored for recycling of manufacturing scraps, and the other designed for end-of-life (EOL) components like hydrogen tanks. Read more in CompositesWorld's article.


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      Voith Composites at JEC World 2022
      Voith wins JEC Composites Innovation Award ahead of JEC World 2022

      Voith Composites, the Composites 4.0 industry leader and production center of carbon fiber-reinforced composite solutions (CFRP) in the Voith Group, has won the JEC Composites Innovation Award 2022 for the development of the Voith Inline Thruster CFRP rotor blades using Carbon4Stack and Carbon4Tool.

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      Production CFRP stack for E-Coating automotive components
      case study
      BMW M & Voith Composites Successfully Test Streamlined E-Coating Process for CFRP Parts

      BMW M is an innovator in the automotive industry. While CFRP techniques are slowly being adopted by some auto manufacturers, the BMW Group and BMW M are already realizing the potential of having successfully integrated CFRP parts.

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      Horyzn’s eVTOL
      Case Study
      The sky’s the limit for HORYZN emergency UAV defibrillator

      HORYZN is a student initiative focused on real-world use cases for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The team from TU Munich works collaboratively on the design, development, and implementation of UAVs for social good. Voith Composites was approached to support HORZYN’s latest project, an eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) UAV for medical emergencies, providing its CFRP tooling solution – Carbon4Tool - which has helped the project achieve early success.

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      Prepreg tape line (PTL) integrated in the Voith Roving Applicator NextGen
      White Paper
      How Composites 4.0 is changing the production of lightweight parts

      Composites 4.0 is part of what we know as Industry 4.0 or more commonly, digital transformation. It enables automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies within the composites industry. It’s about developing technology to make the best of composite manufacturing - building smart factories and processes that are optimized to reduce waste and cost while increasing the quality of composite parts.

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      Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) prepreg material for tooling applications.
      Case Study
      DUQUEINE Group x Carbon4Tool

      DUQUEINE Group - a world-class manufacturer of composite parts in France - joined forces with Voith Composites to test Carbon4Tool - Voith’s innovative new carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (CFRP) prepreg material for tooling applications.

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