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    With a wide range of innovative solutions and technological milestones for public transport, we play a key role in helping millions of people around the world reach their destinations more efficiently and comfortably every day. 

    Become an active part of the mobility revolution yourself and start using our electric and hybridized drive systems today to make your fleet fit for a sustainable future. Because in an era of climate change and urbanization, local public transport clearly has the right of way.

    Voith develops and manufactures mild-hybrid automatic transmissions, energy-efficient Voith Electrical Drive Systems, wear-free retarders, air compressors and digital solutions for buses that bring people to their destinations comfortably, safely and cost-effectively. 

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    Future-oriented solutions for buses

      Discover OnEfficiency.SmartAcclerate onboard intelligence for DIWA automatic transmissions

      Benefit from the upgrade for the software configuration of your DIWA transmission that reduces fuel consumption with no need for special driver training.

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