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    Voith has already equipped more than 300,000 city buses around the world with DIWA automatic transmissions. And the number is increasing every day.

     Our product spectrum for buses also includes retarders and air compressors. Solutions that contribute to helping people reach their destinations more efficiently and more comfortably all over the world.

    • DIWA transmission supports a stop-time up to 60 sec. without influence of the driveline’s readiness.
    • A reduction from 10 to 12 % fuel consumption can be achieved, depending on application.
    • Proven in service: Over 100 buses have already been equipped with Stop-Start Technology.

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    Future-orientated solutions for buses

      Stop-Start Technology

        The DIWA.6 automatic transmission from Voith was specially adapted to utilize the Stop-Start function while idling. In conjunction with an engine that is equipped with this function, fuel savings of 10-12 percent can be achieved. Stop-Start Technology has already been installed in more than 100 buses in England, where it has been proving its capabilities and reliability in service every day since July 2015.

        In normal operation, city buses spend up to 40 percent of their time idling at stops, red lights and in heavy traffic. With the Voith DIWA.6 transmission, the bus driveline can be switched off during this time in order to reduce fuel consumption and consequently emissions. Specially developed for urban transport, the DIWA transmission supports a stop-time up to 60 sec. without influence of the driveline’s readiness. This allows fuel savings of 10-12 percent, depending on the load.

        While most controlled cut-off technologies in the field are still in their infancy, the DIWA.-6 Stop-Start Technology from Voith has already proven that it is fully-ready for operation. It has been successfully used since July 2015 in more than 100 buses in cities across England and by now, a further 150 vehicles equipped with Stop-Start Technology have taken up service.

        Find out more about our new Stop-Start Technology:

        Stop-Start Technology

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