Energy efficient on the road – with Voith air compressors for buses and trucks

More power, less energy consumption – Voith air compressors with SLS, TwinSave technology or integrated clutch

    With leading technology, Voith air compressors use two-stage compression with an intercooling system. In comparison to single-stage air compressors, this allows for substantially higher output with a significantly reduced energy consumption in delivery mode. Even more, Voith air compressors with innovative technologies also provide maximum efficiency in non-delivery mode.

    Voith air compressors make an important contribution to the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of internal combustion engines. The two-stage compression with an intercooling system plays a decisive role here. This significantly lowers the power consumption in delivery mode. In addition, the reduced compression temperature allows for considerably longer operating times, which increases the maximum delivery capacity with the same cylinder displacement. The lower temperatures also ensure that the oil does not "crack." Fewer damaging byproducts protect the compressor, engine, compressed air system and the environment at the same time. Furthermore, smart technologies such as SLS, TwinSave or an integrated clutch effectively lower energy consumption in non-delivery mode. Another contribution to more sustainability is the low weight of the systems thanks to the light-weight aluminum construction in large-volume production. Voith air compressors thus guarantee maximum energy efficiency, low-emission operation, low weight and long maintenance intervals.

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    Energy-efficient on all roads Voith air compressors

    Voith air compressors
    Low energy consumption in non-delivery mode thanks to innovative idling systems
    Longer duty cycles (up to 85 %) due to innovative cooling concept
    Significant weight reduction due to die-cast aluminum leads to an increased load capacity
    Lower fuel consumption
    of up to 1 L/100 km
    Energy recovery in braking and coasting mode
    Better air quality, higher availability of the air system as a result
    Voith air compressors

    Product highlight

      TwinSave: energy savings of up to 25% in non-delivery mode
      Air compressors with TwinSave technology

      A true innovation: Voith air compressors with TwinSave technology have a control valve in both compressor stages. If the valves are open during non-delivery mode, neither of the compressor stages provides compression. The air can circulate freely in the unit. This reduces the input power and allows additional savings in terms of the energy consumed in non-delivery mode compared to air compressors using SLS technology.

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      Fuel consumption reduced by 1 L over 100 km
      Duty cycle of up to 85%
      Operating pressure of 15 bar possible
      < 250 °C compression temperature

      Product portfolio

        Voith offers a wide range of two- and three-cylinder compressors for trucks and buses from renowned manufacturers such as Daimler, Volvo and MAN. The user can choose between aluminum or cast iron air compressors.  Energy consumption in non-transport mode can be minimized either by SLS technology, TwinSave technology or an integrated coupling.

        LP 560

        Cylinder: 2
        Compression: 2-Stage
        Swept Volume: 560 ccm
        Max. pressure: 15 bar

        Idling system, Clutch, Drive through for PTO*

        LP 490

        Cylinder: 2
        Compression: 2-Stage
        Swept Volume: 490ccm
        Max. pressure: 15 bar

        Idling system, Clutch, Drive through for PTO*

        * Drive-through only possible in conjunction with idling system, not possible with coupling.

        Discover the LP560 in detail

          Operating principle

            Division of labor – the principle behind two-stage compression

            The principle behind two-stage compression: In delivery mode, air flows through the suction chamber into the first cylinder, where it is pre-compressed. The air, heated in this way, is cooled in the intermediate chamber and fed into the second stage. There, it is compressed to the end pressure and is available to the compressed air system.
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            The power consumption of an LP 490 in non-delivery mode or disengaged, shown for the Voith technologies SLS, TwinSave and a clutch.

            Idling systems – saving energy in non-delivery mode with SLS, TwinSave or integrated clutch

            Once the compressed air system has reached its permissible filling pressure, the air compressor switches to non-delivery mode. Voith offers three different systems to minimize the input power in non-delivery mode: the Voith idling systems SLS and TwinSave as well as an integrated clutch for systems that do not require the fixed-drive option for auxiliary units.

            The SLS idling system – intelligently reduced energy consumption

            With the Voith SLS idling system, a drain valve in the first compressor stage is opened during non-delivery mode. As a result, virtually no pressure is built up despite the motion of the pistons. This reduces the input power required by the compressor, lowers energy demand and decreases fuel consumption significantly at the same time.

            Self-Actuating Idling System (SLS) in delivery mode (Two-Stage)

            TwinSave technology – two valves for double savings

            Voith goes one step further with TwinSave technology. Voith air compressors using TwinSave technology have an additional control valve in the second compressor stage and are actuated externally. This also allows operation with the pressure line closed. For a TwinSave air compressor in non-delivery mode, both control valves are open so that neither of the two compressor stages is compressing. The air can circulate freely within the unit. This further reduces the input power needed in comparison to the SLS. In addition, pressurized components are under far less stress in non-delivery mode, which extends their overall service life.

            Clutch compressors – noticeable savings due to mechanical separation from the drive train

            With Voith air compressors, a mechanical clutch can be optionally integrated. With this option, the clutch with the drive gear fits perfectly in the existing installation space. If no compressed air is required, the air compressor is disconnected from the drive train via the integrated coupling and stands still. This reduces energy consumption and increases service life.

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