Intelligent Hydropower made by Voith

We bring intelligence to the digital hydropower plant

    The increasing demand for energy and the use of different energy sources worldwide requires greater flexibility and more precise data from hydropower providers. Plants are therefore networked with the power supply grid, centrally managed, and software algorithms control many processes on their own. Hydropower is already highly automated; now Voith is making it intelligent.

    Secure data – in the cloud

    We know the data that is important for hydropower plant operators to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and security – today and in the future. We are working with customers to pool technical and system-related data from power plants and their infrastructure securely in the cloud. This allows us to visualize and analyze operational processes and develop self-learning models for well-substantiated and forward-looking decision-making. Thanks to the intelligent hydropower plant, we are making our customers’ plants ready for the requirements of tomorrow.

    Security against future threats

    We significantly increase the safety of hydropower plants against threats – from the state of the infrastructure to plant engineering and data connections. Digital solutions monitor the physical facilities and the surroundings of hydropower plants, thus improving safety for people, critical components and the environment. At the same time, intelligent cybersecurity solutions protect the networked hydropower plant from current and future cyberthreats.

    Easy, intuitive operation

    We are also focused on improving the customer experience by reducing complexity and ensuring easy, intuitive operation. Power plant staff quickly and directly receive the specific information needed to perform their jobs. This improves the planning and organization of maintenance as well as repair work and increases the power plant’s operational efficiency.

    Dirk Fuchs, Head of HyService Digital & Automation
    Digitalization gives practical benefits to hydropower plant operators in nearly all areas where they need support – from the need to increase efficiency and flexibility, through optimized utilization of the workforce and knowledge transfer between generations of employees, to the security and modernization of ageing infrastructure.
    Dirk Fuchs, Head of HyService Digital & Automation

    Intelligent products from Voith – ready for use

      Benefit with OnPerformance.Lab

      The OnPerformance.Lab helps hydropower operators to reduce maintenance costs and increase availability by analysing operations and maintenance data.

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      Budarhals, Iceland
      The smart analysis of sound in the Budarhals hydro
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      Rabenstein, Austria
      Early damage detection through intelligent noise pattern analysis
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      5 basic steps for intelligent hydropower

        • Step 1: Open up data – securely in the cloud
          Together with its clients, Voith is making a pool of technical and system-related data for the power plant and its infrastructure available securely in the cloud. Here, the data is prepared for more in-depth analysis.
        • Step 2: Visualize processes – detect variances
          Intelligent process control technology and monitoring solutions from Voith provide information on operational processes, point out deviations from the optimum state, detect risks and indicate necessary maintenance measures. The solutions can be used across the plant’s infrastructure.
        • Step 3: Analyze intelligently and extend service life
          Voith’s data analysts apply state-of-the-art analytical methods to both the operational and system data of hydropower plants, drawing on years of expertise. They develop new solutions to optimize operational processes and improve the safety and flexibility of these processes.
        • Step 4: Run simulations and maintain proactively
          With the help of our digital and sector-specific knowledge, we develop virtual representations of real power plant processes. These allow problems to be detected early and proactive maintenance measures.
        • Step 5: Deduce actions – maximize revenue
          Together with our customers, we develop self-learning systems that intelligently support power plant operators in strategic decisions.
          We connect internal data streams and visualize them for a holistic view, enabling clients to maximize their plants’ revenue.

        How can we help you?

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          Head of HyService Digital & Automation


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