How we facilitated the sustainable renewal of the Swedish power plant Bruksfors


Reconciling ecological and economical aspects

Skellefteå Kraft, the operator of the Swedish small hydropower plant, has to comply with stringent environmental requirements. Therefore, an economic and also eco-friendly solution was needed for the planned rehabilitation of the power plant in the northeast of the country near the city of Robertsfors. This solution was found with the StreamDiver technology by Voith. A 250kW StreamDiver was integrated in the existing dam of Bruksfors in 2015 – and has been running smoothly ever since, despite extreme weather conditions in the wintertime.

Skellefteå Kraft is focused on achieving 100% sustainable energy production, and in that context, it is important that we are able to create sustainable production solutions. And we think the StreamDiver solution is one of them.
Mikael Krane, Plant Manager, Skellefteå Kraft, Schweden

Powerful and eco-friendly: the StreamDiver technology

The rehabilitation works in Bruksfors took about a year before the power plant could be inaugurated. No oil, grease lubricants or other toxic substances were allowed to enter the water during the construction phase. The same now applies during operation. This was just one of the reasons that the operators chose the StreamDiver: it doesn’t require oil or lubricants. In addition, the compact design of the power plant with only a few movable parts allows an integration of the existing dam without any further construction or environmental impacts.

And there was another environmental constriction to take into consideration: there were also special requirements regarding fish migration. Researchers from the Lulea University of Technology therefore developed a special fish migration system that offers a bypass for the downstream migration of the fish.

The StreamDiver in Bruksfors runs without interference or disruptions: a general inspection was carried out by the client after a year of operation and was concluded to the client’s complete satisfaction. Unlike other technologies, the StreamDiver has no follow-up costs for maintenance. Since the start of operation of the StreamDiver in Bruksfors, a continuous power supply is fed into the local grid.

Bruksfors: Small Hydro Plant


In operation since 2015

  • Rated Head: 4,7 m
  • Rated Output: 250 kW

The demand for a simple, universal turbine solution came directly from the market. The successful start of operation in Bruksfors shows that we have created an environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free solution with with the StreamDiver.
Project Manager StreamDiver, Centre of Competence in St. Georgen, Voith Hydro

With the StreamDiver, Voith has expanded its product portfolio with an innovative technological solution for areas with low slopes. The robust power plant – a compact turbine-generator unit – is directly integrated in the river bed. This means that only minimal construction is required, which reduces the cost of installation as well as simplifying the approval processes.

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