DryMax for the Dryer Section

An integrated solution

2015-04-24 - With the DryMax package, Voith offers an integrated approach to problem solving in the dryer section. DryMax packages are tailored specifically towards our customer´s productivity and cost saving target or their need to overcome a specific problem. Very often problems in the paper making process are not solved by simple adjustments to a single product. It is necessary to drill down to the root cause, identifying the right products or services which will do the job. DryMax was able to help improve specific 2σ CMD moisture at Indonesian paper manufacturer Pindo Deli.

PT Pindo Deli is part of the APP Group; they produce photocopying and carbon copy paper on its PM 9 in West Java. Around three years ago there were imbalanced sheet moisture profiles across the CMD of the sheet.
A job for DryMax. A team of Voith experts from the Karawang Service Centre in Indonesia and the Ipoh fabric plant in Malaysia investigated the problem at the Pindo Deli site. Analysis of the paper web indicated a higher than desired 2 σ value of the CD moisture profile, a review of the web run concluded the problem to be the result of limited air circulation within the dryer section. Moreover, the doors of the dryer section needed to be kept open as a makeshift solution to improve the air circulation. This contributed towards a poor energy balance. The overall situation could only be improved through a bundle of measures, i.e. integrated solution.
For Pindo Deli PM 9, the scope included the supply and installation of 12 VentiBoxes and the use of new dryer fabrics. Voith provided the papermaker with a guarantee that as a result of these measures the 2 σ value of the CD moisture profile would drop by 10 per cent.
Edwin Kalalo (Integrated Service Manager – SEA) explains the integrated approach: “The best thing about DryMax is that we are not pushing one specific product but the best solution for our customers. In many cases the customer´s objective cannot be achieved by just replacing a single product. With DryMax, we bring together the products, Services as well as the experience from within Voith Paper and combine them to then achieve the desired improvement for the customer.”
At the Pindo Deli paper mill, the DryMax project was signed off by a satisfied customer in August 2014. The guarantees were met as Mill Production Manager confirms: “we now have a 2 σ CD moisture profile improved and has fulfilled the KPI target. Indirect effects derived from the VentiBox installation are accelerating the threading process.”