Successful start of PM 5 at Modern Karton

New paper machine was supplied by Voith

2015-10-26 - Board and packaging paper manufacturer Modern Karton has started production with its new PM 5 paper machine. The new machine allows the company to substantially increase its annual capacity in corrugating medium and testliner from 630,000 metric tons to around 1.1 million metric tons at its production facility in Çorlu, Turkey. The complete production line was supplied by Voith, with commissioning going exactly according to schedule in the first days of June.

The start was perfect: Shortly after the startup of the new PM 5 the first paper was rolled up at a speed of 1,257 m/min. “The startup went exceptionally well and we quickly achieved 93 percent of the daily capacity,” relates Osman Tamer, Project Manager at Modern Karton, adding: “From the outset we have achieved very promising results for quality and quantity.” Since July, the paper that Modern Karton has been producing on the new machine has been of salable quality. The take over of the production line by the customer also took place in July.

High speed, low basis weight
The PM 5 was designed for a maximum production speed of 1,500 m/min and a working width of 7,500 mm at the reel. Modern Karton is using the new machine to produce corrugating medium and testliner in the basis weight range 70 – 160 g/m2 in line with the trend towards manufacturing increasingly lighter packaging papers. The demand for lighter grades is being driven above all by the increase in e-commerce, where there is a need to reduce shipping costs and packaging weights. So that the high speeds can be achieved despite the lower basis weights, Voith and its customer opted for the single-tier TopDuoRun concept in both pre-dryer and after-dryer sections, as it is especially suited to high and very high speeds. In the TopDuoRun concept, the suctioned stabilizer rolls and boxes are installed underneath the dryer cylinders, ensuring a crease-free web run. The CD moisture profile at the end of the after-dryer section is regulated by the OnQ ModulePro nozzle moisturizer.
Voith engineer and Head of Startup Roland Raidel (left) talks to Ersin Şahin, Deputy Production Manager at Modern Karton
Longstanding customer-supplier relationship
Over a long period, Modern Karton had been using four paper machines at its Çorlu facility. One of them is the PM 3 that was also supplied by Voith. The company has been producing corrugating medium and testliner on this machine for 15 years. Project Manager Tamer relates that the PM 3 “had always delivered the better results in respect of tonnage and quality.” So it was logical for Modern Karton to also rely on proven Voith technology for its fifth machine for Çorlu, the PM 5. The scope of delivery for the new paper machine included Voith’s DuoFormer Base II with a two-layer headbox, DuoCentri NipcoFlex press, SpeedSizer AT film applicator, Sirius winding system and VariFlex L winder.

Sustainable stock preparation unit and approach flow system
The PM 5’s two modern stock preparation lines are equipped with BlueLine products from Voith offering outstanding features like efficient energy and raw material consumption and gentle treatment of fibers. From the BlueLine range, Modern Karton also ordered an IntensaPulper, the IntensaMaXX pulper detrashing machine and an InfiltraDiscfilter and IntegraGuard screening machines. In addition, no less than four of the new FlowJec dosing systems were installed in the approach flow system.

Functioning of FlowJec dosing
system FlowJec enables highly precise and homogeneous mixing of chemicals and additives in the approach flow system. The homogeneous admixing is achieved by first mixing the additives with a process medium in the AddJector dosing nozzles, via which chemicals and additives are introduced into the process stream. Suitable process media are the stock suspension, white water, filtrate or flotation tailings. There is therefore absolutely no need to re-dilute with fresh water, for example when dosing retention agents. By using FlowJec, paper manufacturers have substantially reduced their fresh water consumption. The dosing system has been proven to significantly reduce energy costs for heating water as well as wastewater costs.

IntegraGuard: high-quality protection in the approach flow system
IntegraGuard is the screening machine for the approach flow system, where it is particularly important to prevent the pulsations, deposits and stringing that can disrupt the downstream production process. This is why the IntegraGuard housing is designed to achieve a homogeneous screen passing velocity. The new design of the head section improves the flow profile in the machine and allows rotor speed to be reduced. This helps to reduce specific energy consumption while maintaining rotor efficiency.
Modern Karton PM 5 with Voith SpeedSizer AT
SpeedSizer AT for optimal stability
Voith’s proven SpeedSizer AT is also being used in Modern Karton’s new production line. The film applicator features a dimensionally stable supporting structure made of composite fiber material with a very low coefficient of expansion. It thus ensures uniform film application to the applicator roll. In the SpeedSizer, color and starch are pre-fed to the applicator rolls indirectly using a metering rod and then transferred evenly in the roll nip to the paper web. The advantage of this concept is that low as well as high loads can be applied for optimal stability of the paper web and even with high loads the drying demand remains low.

The new paper machine has allowed Modern Karton to achieve its goal of manufacturing high-quality, light corrugating medium and testliner under competitive conditions, as Osman Tamer confirms: “We are highly satisfied with Voith as a technology and system supplier. Naturally we expect to be continuing to work with Voith for a long time into the future.”