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Flexible Production with the Janus Calender

Stora Enso plans the future with Eilenburg PM 1

2013-12-06 - With the rebuild of the Eilenburg PM 1, Stora Enso Sachsen has achieved two advantages and has safeguarded its production for the future, thanks to its new Voith calender, offering better smoothness and thus higher paper quality. In addition, the calender can be upgraded in the future and expanded to a Janus with 2x3 rolls. Paper of higher quality can thus be produced as needed in the future, with greater added value.

The quality of the paper that Stora Enso produces with the Eilenburg PM 1 has become demonstrably better. That can be shown by the higher linear pressures and temperatures after the comprehensive rebuild. The result: smoother paper. Currently newsprint, heatset and telephone book paper are produced from 100% recovered paper in a basis weight range of 34–48.8 g/m2. In order to increase the paper quality and the runability of the machine, the paper producer contracted out the rebuild in 2011. The main focus was a new calender that only Voith could provide in this form. The highlight is the fact that the calender can be expanded to a Janus with 2x3 rolls by retrofitting two rolls.

In addition, the maximum operating speed of the paper machine was increased from 1,750 to 2,000 m/min. In order to be able to dewater the paper web even more intensely even at this high speed, Voith installed a new NipcoFlex press module. It works with the proven shoe press technology. Two new fabric stretcher and seven fabric guides were installed in the dryer section, and the machine air handling system was modified. Due to the rebuild of the first two dryer groups, all the rolls are now on the machine side of the dryer fabric. The result: up to 4% more dry content after the press and clearly improved cleanliness in the dryer section, which reduces the number of breaks.

In order to not only improve the quality for heatset paper (inserts, catalogs, etc.) but to raise it to a new level, Stora Enso decided in favor of the rebuild. Production was on hold for just 12 days. Moreover, a new exhaust system in the wet end and the Voith JetCleaner for cleaning the bottom wire were part of the rebuild. A new threading system and an edge trim were installed with the new calender. //