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    Enhance the capacity and quality of the dewatering process in your stock preparation process. All Voith and conventional disc filters can be upgraded to these new high-quality products.

    Excellent dewatering performance and availability of your disc filter

    To ensure efficient dewatering capacity, Voith has developed a product portfolio combining long service life, excellent filtration qualities, high capacities and low energy consumption. As a result of these benefits, operating costs, fresh water consumption and fiber loss can be reduced.

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    Star product BaglessPlus

      Product success BaglessPlus
      We celebrate 20 years anniversary!

      Disc filter sectors that do not require maintenance-prone filter bags - unthinkable until 1998. Since its first installation in 1998 in Shotton (Great Britain), the successful product BaglessPlus from Voith has proven itself in countless disc filters. It is not without reason that since 2002 Voith has been equipping each of its sold disc filters with the filterless sectors that achieve best results and highest customer satisfaction.

      BaglessPlus sectors are installed worldwide
      More than 90% of the sectors installed since 1998 are still in operation

      Product portfolio for disc filters

        FloWing sectors

        New design for outstanding stability and capacity

        Based on the proven BaglessPlus sectors, Voith engineers have developed FloWing filter sectors with a patented blade geometry. On the one hand, the novel design allows the growth of a thick fiber mat and, on the other hand, ensures an ideal release of the fibers. Disc filters achieve a new level of capacity thanks to the 56 percent larger surface area. The FloWing sectors are even more robust in key areas, enabling even longer lifetime than the established BaglessPlus sectors.
        Thanks to optional adjustments, FloWing filter discs can be used in existing Voith disc filters or those of other manufacturers.
        The upgrade of the disc filter in our testliner production to FloWing sectors was successful and we have in reality a significant capacity increase. Since commissioning, we have had no capacity problems, even at high tonnage on the paper machine.
        Managing Director Production and Technology, European Testliner Manufacturer

        Your benefits

        • Significant capacity increase through patented wing-shaped design
        • Longer service life due to outstanding stability and rigidity
        • Consistently high filtrate quality
        • Minimal maintenance effort

        BaglessPlus sectors

        Efficient dewatering without filter bag

        Thanks to the development of the BaglessPlus filter discs, previously unrivaled running times and maintenance costs are achieved. Upgrading a disc filter from conventional sectors with filter bags to BaglessPlus sectors improves both, the specific production capacity and the filtrate quality.

        Upgrades to BaglessPlus are possible for

        • all Voith disc filters and
        • GL&V, Andritz, Ahlström, Impco and Wenrui disc filters.

        Consistently high filtrate quality

        Quality of the super clear filtrate over a period of 10 years

        The consistently high filtrate quality over the entire service life of the BaglessPlus filter discs leads to a significant reduction of fiber loss and fresh water consumption. There are no restrictions on using the super-clear filtrate on the spray nozzles of the paper machine.

        Your benefits

        • Maintenance and running costs are reduced to a minimum
        • Filter disc service life of 15 years and more
        • Reliable filtrate quality over the entire operating life
        • Increase in capacity of up to 20%
        • Saves on fibers and fillers within the paper machine circuit
        • Reduction of fresh water consumption
        • Higher availability of the paper machine

        Image gallery

        • Picture 1 - 3 shows our BaglessPlus sector for CDI5.0 disc filters
        • Picture 4 - 6 shows our BaglessPlus sectors in various angles

        Filtrate valves

        Stable vacuum creation increases disc filter capacities

        A constant vacuum in the range 0.4 - 0.5 bar is the basis for reliable and constant operation of the disc filter. Because efficient dewatering can only be achieved with optimum vacuum, for which the filtrate valve is largely responsible. The Voith filtrate valve distinguishes between two filtrate qualities during dewatering: cloudy and clear filtrate. When used in the paper machine circuit, super clear filtrate is also produced. This distinct separation into the different filtrate qualities is made possible by the innovative design of the filtrate valve. As a result, accumulation of air is avoided and a high, stable vacuum is therefore generated.

        HiCon 2.0 Technology

        HiCon 2.0 Technology
        • Safe guidance of discs in solid rails; eliminates risk of crash
        • Inlet consistencies up to 2% possible
        • Significantly reduced pumping power
        • Up to 20% more throughput
        • HiCon guiding system and BaglessPlus filter discs also available as rebuild kit


        The patented nozzles optimize disc filter operation

        Fast and clean removal of the fiber mat and cleaning of the filter discs are necessary for constant disc filter operation. The Voith nozzles achieve reliable knock-off of the fiber mats. This means that the pulp can be removed via the transport shafts quickly and without leaving residues. Continuous and thorough cleaning of the filter discs is achieved by the knock-off and cleaning nozzles. Any blockages can be removed during operation by turning the lever.

        V-bag filter bags

        The new generation of V-bags from Voith achieves longer service lives and therefore more reliable and stable operation of the disc filter. The integration of the Protector sheet in the filter bags offers the bags additional protection against damages caused by sharp sector edges. This substantially extends the service life and as a result the maintenance intervals of the disc filter. In addition, capacities can also be adjusted by means of special blind strips on the filter bags.

        Various filter bags are available for all disc filters from Voith and other manufacturers. If required, Voith offers filter bags tailored to customer needs:

        • Voith V-bag P: Polypropylene bag
        • Voith V-bag C: Corrugated polypropylene bag
        • Protector sheet: Can be combined with V-bag C and V-bag P


          • Product portfolio for excellent dewatering performance – Disc filter upgrade

            Product portfolio for excellent dewatering performance – Disc filter upgrade

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            Successful disc filter upgrades

              Expectations exceeded at
              WEIG-Karton: significantly improved filtrate values after rebuild

              After a successful startup following the rebuild of the third-party disc filter, WEIG-Karton recorded significant improvements in filtrate values, while at the same time maintenance costs are now demonstrably lower. This was achieved by integrating BaglessPlus disc filter sectors and a new filtrate valve. BaglessPlus disc filter sectors provide increased capacity by up to 15% to 20%, while at the same time improve filtrate quality. Clear filtrate and super-clear filtrate quality have significantly exceeded customer expectations.
              Read more about the rebuild at WEIG-Karton

              Successful rebuild of Hedemora disc filter at Sappi

              Voith has successfully converted the existing Hedemora disc filter in the stock preparation unit at Sappi in Kirkniemi, Finland, to the latest BaglessPlus filter technology. As the number of discs could be reduced, the disc filter will be well prepared for future increase capacity.
              Read more about the rebuild at Sappi

              Service for your disc filter

                At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help you reach your goals.

                Disc filter Voith Paper

                Best filtrate quality and trouble-free operation

                Our worldwide active service specialists have in-depth process knowledge and are familiar with the latest optimization and upgrade options to support our customers and meeting their requirements. Our scope of service ranges from inspection of complete disc filters during shutdowns to setup-, condition- and performance checks during operation.

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