Increase in efficiency through new dosing technology

    Resource-saving and sustainable paper production

    With FlowJec, Voith has developed today’s most efficient dosing system for sustainable and resource-conserving dosing of all chemicals and additives in the paper manufacturing process.

    Efficient dosing in the approach flow system or the wire section results in significant reduction in chemical, fresh water and energy consumption. In addition, dosing with FlowJec leads to improved paper quality and runnability of the paper machine.

    Sustainable paper production with FlowJec

      Increased runnability due to homogeneous mixing

      Chemical dosing is performed through a part of the process stream or other process media. The chemical and the injection medium are brought together in the specially developed AddJector of the FlowJec dosing system, optimally mixed and apportioned to the process stream. The design of the AddJector is chosen depending on the process and allows simultaneous dosing of several chemicals.

      Increased process availability due to integrated cleaning

      In contrast to conventional dosing systems, with FlowJec, fittings in the stock line are not necessary. Thus, deposits that can cause malfunctions die to breaks are eliminated. The integrated cleaning function automatically cleans the entire system, keeping it clear of chemical residues and injection medium.

      Your benefits at a glance

      • Prevents deposits that could cause breaks

      • Homogeneous chemical distribution improves runnability of the paper machine

      • Efficient mixing enables drastic reduction in fresh water consumption

      • Homogeneous floc size and better paper quality

      • Lower maintenance effort increases process availability

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        Engineered for Success

          Consumption costs greatly reduced thanks to FlowJec

          By using the FlowJec dosing system, the paper manufacturer UPM was able to achieve a contemplative result after only six months of operation. At the Augsburg plant, not only fresh water consumption was reduced by 350m³, but water expenses, waste water costs and energy costs also dropped significantly. Thus, FlowJec amortized within a very short time.
          Read more about how UPM achieved great results with FlowJec

          Papermaking particularly environment-friendly

          Smurfit Kappa in Zülpich also put the efficient FlowJec dosing system to work. Due to FlowJec’s special application method, the papermaker can now forego fresh water dilution of the retention polymer, enabling a resource-conserving approach to production that results in greater profitability for Smurfit Kappa.

          Read more about how Smurfit Kappa produces resource-conserving paper with FlowJec
          With FlowJec, we are achieving an improved paper quality, savings of up to 10% of the retention agent, fewer breaks, an increased running time and consequently a higher efficiency of the PM.
          Jochem Meier, Head of Production at Smurfit Kappa Zülpich Papier

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