Optimization solutions for high consistency cleaners and protector systems

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Protecting your stock preparation machines

    Directly after the pulping system, the paper suspension is still full of abrasive contaminants, such as paper clips, glass, stones and other plastic and metal particles. In order to prevent these contaminants from causing high wear in the subsequent process steps – such as screening machines, refiners and dispergers – it is the task of the high consistency cleaner and protector system to remove these contaminants from the process.

    Based on decades of experience in papermaking, Voith has developed the BlueLine for stock preparation. With products from the BlueLine family, our customers benefit from proven Voith quality, while at the same time profit from low costs for energy, fiber, water and maintenance as well as improved runability and occupational safety.
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    Optimization solutions at a glance

      Voith H²-Cone for HC cleaning
      Highly wear-resistant separation cones with ceramic insert

      High reliability of original spare parts

      Easy and quick repair by replacing the ceramic inserts

      Voith Junk Trap Typ II for HC cleaning
      Junk Trap Type II
      Reliable trap function

      High wear resistance

      Standardized trap for different high consistency cleaner

      Voith VortexBreaker for HC Cleaning
      VortexBreaker rotary brake RB100
      More reliable operation of the trap

      Less wear on valve plate and flange ring

      Reduced maintenance

      Minimized spare parts stock

      Voith H²-Cone for HC cleaning

      Due to the constantly increasing amount of contaminants found in recovered paper, the wear resistance of the cones was adjusted to increase the lifetime and thus the overall operational reliability of the system. Our wear-resistant H²-Cone has been developed for reliable use with high stock consistencies and high dirt loads.

      Voith Junk Trap Type II for HC cleaning
      Junk Trap Type II

      Thanks to its special design, the Junk Trap Type II improves the separation of heavy particles with minimal fiber loss. In addition, the trap is absolutely wear resistant and can be easily retrofitted even to existing high consistency cleaners.

      Voith VortexBreaker RB 100 for HC cleaning
      VortexBreaker RB100

      The VortexBreaker RB100 is a rotation brake for junk traps. The ready-to-install retrofit kit extends the lifetime of valve plates and ensures reliable operation of the junk trap.

      Product brochure

        • Optimization solutions for high consistency cleaners and protector systems

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          Discover our service portfolio Servolution

            Our service experts are available 24/7 with advice and services to ensure that your system works optimally. With 20 service centers strategically located around the world, our global service network offers a wide range of customized services with highly qualified experts on site. In addition, the service-oriented infrastructure ensures short response times and local contacts.

            Voith Paper service workshops

            Cone refurbishment service

            All types of H²-Cone can be easily and quickly repaired in our service centers worldwide by replacing the worn ceramic inserts. Of course, other parts of the high consistency cleaners can also be repaired in our service centers.

            worn ceramic insert
            Worn ceramic insert
            Voith refurbished H²-Cone
            Refurbished H²-Cone

            Order your spare and wear parts online

            In the Voith Paper Webshop, the ordering of spare and wear parts is simplified. Customers can opt to search for the spare parts they need using a clearly arranged tree structure or the order number, which may also be a customer-defined internal part number. Your benefits with the Voith Paper Webshop:

            • Personalized area
            • Real time data availability
            • Optimized business processes
            • Order tracking
            • 24/7 convenience

            Voith Paper Webshop for stock preperation products
            Get to know the Voith Paper Webshop

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