Pulp degassing

Controlling gas content for maximum productivity

    Gas in pulp has many negative effects. Gas bubbles might disturb sheet formation resulting in paper defects. Additionally bubbles hinder dewatering in the forming section causing higher energy intake. Controlling gas content is also a topic when closing water cycles. Increasing water pollution stabilizes gas in pulp. Chemical consumption will increase and deposits will become more severe.

    Voith equipment for active gas removal can solve problems associated with gas fundamentally. For this purpose, Voith provides solutions for all paper grades and machine sizes.


    Gas removal equipment for any application

      VoithVac Compact – Effective solution for highest volume throughputs

      Degassing vessel
      VoithVac Compact is a vacuum deaeration vessel that has proven its gas removal efficiency in several high-performance paper production lines. Free and dissolved gas is securely removed by vacuum. The patent-registered overflow design of VoithVac Compact enables smaller tank sizes and better pulsation stability than competitor solutions.

      Tube shell condenser
      Voith supplies VoithVac Compact with tube shell condensers. Cooling water and removed gas are separated by tube walls. This enables cooling water recirculation and saves fresh water. Furthermore, tube shell condensers are less sensitive for deposits and easy to clean.

      Vacuum system
      Reliable liquid ring pumps generate the needed vacuum. Single- or two-stage variants are available to cover individual requirements. Combining vacuum system control with online gas measurement ensures optimal system performance regarding degassing efficiency and energy intake.

      Your benefits with VoithVac Compact

      • Best separation efficiency for free and dissolved gas
      • Proven technology capable for threating highest volume flows
      • Cooling water recycling due to closed heat exchangers design

      CycloMech – Flexible retrofit solution

      CycloMech removes gas from white water by applying centrifugal forces and moderate vacuum. The system can be installed alongside existing white water channels or directly in the white water stream. Therefore, the unit is ideally suited as a retrofit solution for existing plants striving to optimize their performance. Another advantage is that throughput and degassing performance can be flexibly adjusted to grade specific needs. Thus, the system is also an alternative to vacuum deaeration for customers producing a variety of paper grades with different requirements.

      With CycloMech, expenses for chemicals and web brakes can be considerably reduced. Return on investment periods below one year are possible.

      Your benefits with CycloMech

      • Improved formation
      • Reduction of operating costs
      • Reduction of chemical consumption through less need for anti-foaming agent, retention agent, biocide and deaeration chemistry

      Compact retrofit kit for cleaner systems

        Combine pulp cleaning and gas removal in one unit

        Turn your cleaner into a CombiCleaner HCL5-C with our LightPlus upgrade, saving investment and operation cost. The upgrade is available for all HiClean HCL5 low-consistency cleaners. The cleaner configuration enables light and heavy reject removal at the same time. Free gas is efficiently removed with the light reject.

        Several producers of specialty papers rely on Voith CombiCleaners for limiting the free gas content in the approach flow.
        Read more about CombiCleaner HCL5-C with LightPlus

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          Engineered for success

            up to 270,000 l/min capacity
            degassing efficiency
            degassing additives
            Voith CycloMech has been installed alongside the white water tray of PM 37. The parallel installation to the existing channel enables Sun Paper to adjust degassing performance depending on grade-specific needs. Especially when producing lightweight testliner grades from recycled fiber, CycloMech can efficiently control gas in pulp. Process stability has significantly increased while chemical additives can be reduced.
            Mr. Guoling Fu, Director of Packaging Business Line at Sun Paper

            Profit from proven Voith quality

              With the innovative BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.

              Servolution. Service at the next level

                At Voith, the success of the customer takes center stage. Service means delivering customized service solutions and utilizing our full expertise to help our customers reach their goals.


                  • The highest deaeration with lowest integration outlay – CycloMech

                    The highest deaeration with lowest integration outlay – CycloMech

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