Thickener EFK

Robust and reliable dewatering

    An economical solution for various applications

    Thickening is an important process step in the production of paper. It not only ensures an increase in the stock consistency as required for downstream processing, but also minimizes storage volumes and water loop separation.

    The Thickener EFK is a solid and flexible all-rounder. Due to its strong design, the Thickener EFK is insensitive to any process variations. Fluctuating inlet consistency and changes in furnish are handled easily.
    Unlike conventional gravity drum thickeners, the Thickener EFK contains circular ring dewatering segments. These long-lasting components consist of a metal wire embedded in glass fiber reinforced plastic. They have been proven to be virtually maintenance free and are resistant to foreign objects.

    The compact design of the Thickener EFK makes it possible to be installed in almost any location and is an economical solution for different areas of application.

    Thickener EFK is suitable for thickening pulp prior to a screw press or storage chests. In the broke preparation, it evens out consistency fluctuations, enhances storage capacity and thus contributes to stable paper machine operation.

    Due to its flexibility, the EFK thickener is appropriate especially for small lines and for installations with frequent grade changes.

    BlueLine advantages

      Higher Runability Higher Runability

      Paper manufacturers who have the EFK in operation appreciate its outstanding, reliable operation and robustness.

      Lower Maintenance Cost Lower Maintenance Cost

      Experience from more than 20 years of operation shows that the Thickener EFK is virtually maintenance free.

      Lower Energy Consumption Lower Energy Consumption

      As the filtrate is discharged atmospherically, no droplegs are needed, and low installation height leads to reduced energy cost for pumping.
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