Intelligent coupling technology with the ​TurboBelt TPXL
TurboBelt TPXL

Intelligent coupling technology

TurboBelt TPXL family: Mining is your business – improving the material handling process is ours

    ​Voith | TurboBelt TPXL

    Offering optimized start-up behavior, easy installation, and increased conveyor belt productivity: TurboBelt TPXL

    Facilitating accurate torque control, our TurboBelt TPXL increases the conveyor belts’ lifetime while enabling continuous production output. Furthermore, our compact solution is easy to install, whether operating in an open pit, underground, linking production to and from a harbor, or using an overland conveyor network.

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    Benefits and uses

    • System designed exclusively for belt conveyors
    • Quick and simple to install
    • Extra functionality integrated
    • Remote service capability
    • For hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres

    Maximizing your belt conveyor productivity is simple with our TurboBelt TPXL product family

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          TurboBelt DriveControl

            Voith | TurboBelt DriveControl

            Your automation intelligence control center

            Optimizing coupling and conveyor performance in all operational modes is simple with the TurboBelt DriveControl. This central communication device ensures perfect conveyor start-up in all conditions. The system is pre-parametrized to achieve fast commissioning, and standard communication protocols are used to provide quick and easy driveline integration. Furthermore, the TurboBelt DriveControl facilitates remote access through a secure VPN.

            Your 5 in 1 solution

            Automation – Intelligent control

            • Automated and accurate controlled conveyor belt start-up
            • Intelligent filling control ensures electrical grid protection
            • Operational feedback provided
            • On-site parameter adjustments are possible

            Installation – Easy integration

            • Complete control logic installed for conveyor belt start-up
            • Pre-parametrized controller delivery
            • All sensors are wired to a frequency converter
            • Main communication via several BUS-protocols
            • Device Configuration File (EDS) provided

            Operation – Special functions

            • Hot standby mode declutches the driven from the driver side
            • Switch one drive off to avoid downtime and increase your flexibility
            • Electrical grid protection through load-sharing
            • Heavy load start performed by our coupling

            Service – Virtual Private Network (VPN) support

            • Secure remote VPN support via Ethernet or a GSM-Network
            • Worldwide commissioning and operational support
            • System integration into existing infrastructure

            Precisely fitting – Compact solution

            • Designed to fit perfectly into the drive train
            • Center height aligns with the motor and gearbox
            • Highly efficient drive solution
            • Suitable in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres

            Technical details

              Power range

              Type 1000 rpm 1200 rpm 1500 rpm 1800 rpm
              TurboBelt 315 TPXL -

              160 kW

              215 HP

              315 kW

              380 kW

              510 HP

              TurboBelt 500 TPXL -

              260 kW

              348 HP

              500 kW

              600 kW

              804 HP

              TurboBelt 800 TPXL -

              415 kW

              556 HP

              800 kW

              960 kW

              1286 HP

              TurboBelt 1250 TPXL 375 kW

              640 kW

              858 HP

              1250 kW

              1500 kW

              2010 HP

              TurboBelt 2500 TPXL 740 kW

              1280 kW

              1717 HP

              2500 kW

              2500 kW

              3350 HP


              Voith | Dimensions of the TurboBelt TPXL
              Type A B C D G1 H1 G2 H2
              TurboBelt 315 TPXL 830 505 1100 720 80 140 80 130
              TurboBelt 500 TPXL 890 550 1085 820 90 140 90 130
              TurboBelt 800 TPXL 935 565 1120 906 100 160 100 170
              TurboBelt 1250 TPXL 1014 615 1364 972 110 200 110 190
              TurboBelt 2500 TPXL 1137 685 1532 1080 130 200 130 190

              Dimensions in mm

              Standard ambient Temperature down to -20 °C
              As option down to -40 °C ambient possible
              operating hours until first overhaul
              Up to 8 couplings per belt with one TurboBelt DriveControl possible
              Over 1.000 filled controlled couplings sold


                • Key components for belt conveyors in mining belt conveyors in mining | TurboBelt portfolio

                  Key components for belt conveyors in mining belt conveyors in mining | TurboBelt portfolio

                • Intelligent coupling technology | TurboBelt TPXL family

                  Intelligent coupling technology | TurboBelt TPXL family

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