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Remote Tools

Fast support for maximum productivity

With the help of remote tools, we offer our customers access to expert support at any time and from any location. Voith is your immediate support when you need to get answers around papermaking technology.

Via telephone, VPN or video, our customers have access to a specialist during normal business hours. In case of emergency you will reach our experts 24/7 using our support line. In addition, we offer cloud services and our OnPerformance.Lab supports you in using digitalization profitably. You are welcome to visit our new Remote Service Center website here.

VPN support

    VPN support by Voith

    The remote support ensures shortest reaction and support time to its customers in case of any problems, independent if in hard- or/and software. Our qualified Voith Service Engineers will help the customer at any matter of concerns per telephone or direct login into the system landscape, without the need of on-site presence.

    When using our remote support, we guarantee an immediate processing of the explicit request of the customer via remote system login. We advise the customer's personnel in case the problem cannot be solved remotely by the Service Expert. The remote support includes for example an adjustments of measurements and controls to changing circumstances or a system check on disturbances or possibilities of optimization. In all cases we offer additional help in handling the documentation of the results.

    Video support – OnCall.Video

      OnCall.Video by Voith

      OnCall.Video customers can be supported by video communication to speed up problem solving and to eliminate faults at an early stage. This solution offers many possibilities to improve communication for example for trainings or by supporting less experienced colleagues.

      The Voith Paper audio-visual communication system OnCall.Video enables our customers to worldwide access Voith Paper expert knowledge. The solution enables the expert to see in real time exactly what the customers sees in the field, to display relevant information and drawings and thus provide concrete instructions and assistance.

      Here you find the product sheet Watch Video - More language versions

      Cloud service – dataPARC cloud

        dataPARC cloud

        Our customers benefit from one centralized, reliable access point for their data, from which they can launch their digitalization initiatives. dataPARC cloud.Platform provides fast, reliable and secure access to data from local machines and systems in the cloud, making your data readily available for efficient usage.

        dataPARC cloud customers decide how to access and control their data for each specific application. Voith offers local control of the data by providing data centers in every region. The Voith IIoT platform is based on open-source and highly standardized technologies. It is scalable, flexible and can be expanded at any time. Voith cybersecurity experts ensure end-to-end security and make sure that the data is secure throughout the complete lifecycle.

        Visit the dataPARC cloud website


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