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Process Services

Focus on processes

Our process services are tailored to the individual needs of our customers and are performed by qualified engineers and analysts.

With our comprehensive measurement and diagnostic capabilities, our audits, our consulting and targeted training, we identify your improvement potential and support you in implementing improvement measures.

Measuring & Diagnostics

    Voith Measuring and Diagnostics

    We know your potential! Do you? Problems on a paper machine are not always immediately obvious. Our specially designed analytical systems, closely combined with the many years of experience of our Voith service personnel, help you to identify problems in good time, analyze them and solve them as a next step. As a result, costs can be optimized and shorter downtimes achieved, while ensuring greater productivity.

    Our tailor-made measuring and diagnostic services have been specially developed for the requirements of paper production. Whether for mechanical or process measurements, we help our customers with an extensive product portfolio for the whole paper production line, from stock preparation to the winder. In addition, we offer various service packages you can completely rely on.

    Our M&D portfolio:


      Leading mills today know that measurement and analysis are essential for their business success.

      Voith has developed standardized methods to measure, benchmark and analyze processes, enabling papermakers to set both physical and organizational key performance indicators (KPIs). We present recommended actions based on facts and delivered in an understandable and structured way. We identify gaps and provide innovative ideas for improving maintenance processes, production efficiency and safety. Also, we are happy to support the implementation.

      • Production line
      • Maintenance
      • Digitalization
      • Energy
      • Safety
      • IT security

      Expert support and consulting

        Papermaking and paper mill maintenance are complex tasks to begin with. Adding grade development projects, cost saving initiatives, and relocation of production capacities – not to mention the fluctuation of key personnel – will almost certainly impact plant efficiency.

        Voith’s production and maintenance experts are available to provide expert consultation in the area of process analysis and optimization, maintenance management, technical support and automation. Our remote service center – OnPerformance.Lab – supports you in using digitalization profitably. To this end, process and machine data are continuously analyzed using data mining methods and artificial intelligence supplemented by technology and automation expertise. In combination with the industry-specific paper know-how of Voith experts, potential for improvement is then identified and tapped.

        Visit the OnPerformance.Lab

        • Smart monitoring
        • Data analytics
        • Condition monitoring
        • Technology consulting
        • Maintenance consulting
        • Engineering consulting
        • Automation consulting


          Proper training of operators and maintenance staff is vital to safe plant operations, and it is a notable contributor to productivity.

          Voith PaperSchool offers training courses and complete training paths to enhance your personal skills and knowledge in the field of paper production. We provide training from basic to advanced levels at our Voith Training Centers, locally at your plant, and online.

          Visit the PaperSchool

          • Equipment
          • Operation & technology
          • Safety
          • Methodology

          Customer success cases

            Audit provides reliable basis for planning rebuild of RDM’s BM 3 in Arnsberg

            • Process audit improves planning security
            • Tailor-made rebuild concept incl. financing
            • Increased machine productivity by 3%
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