OnCare.Health ACIDA

Does your company operate within the industrial field of maintenance, diagnostics and machine monitoring?

OnCare.Health ACIDA

If yes, we offer...

  • OnCare.Health ACIDA systems: customized and fully integrated monitoring solutions
  • OnSens.Torque sensors: robust sensors that are mounted on existing drive shafts and spindles
  • Acceleration sensors: offering continuous vibration monitoring in harsh industrial environments
  • Signal conditioning: machine monitoring with a multifunctional signal condition unit designed for vibration analysis
Benefits available

  • Troubleshooting and operational measurements
  • Wide variety of sensors and interfaces
  • Diagnostic algorithm monitoring equipment
  • Development of measurement criteria
  • Achieve optimal maintenance strategies
  • Drive train optimization
  • Increased plant availability and improved processes control
  • Suitable machine conditions
  • Long term solutions

We maintain, monitor and diagnose...

  • Rolling mills
  • Trains
  • Paper machines
  • Roller presses
  • Power plants
  • Coal pulverizers

  • Hauling machines
  • Excavators
  • Crushers
  • Test benches
  • Feeding benches
  • Feeding pumps

  • Centrifuges
  • Mixers
  • Chemical reactions
  • Ships
  • Wind turbines


  • Industrial torque sensors for torque loads from 1 Nm and shafts up to 1500mm (60inch) diameters in size
  • Speed and angle of torsion transducers capable of using the pulse sequences of existing flange joints
  • Monitoring soft- and hardware solutions for industrial applications with multi-sensor signal recording and customized automated diagnostic features
  • Vibration monitoring of gears, rolling bearings and drive trains
  • Operational measurements and troubleshooting with continuous signal recording for torques, forces, stress, strains, vibrations, temperatures etc. for periods of a few hours to several months
  • Multi-body simulation and stress analysis using the latest software tools and extensive computer capacities
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring system maintenance


Troubleshooting and field measurements

Preparing you for all operational situations, OnCare.Health ACIDA offers you a complete operational overview. Using multi-channel data acquisition, high sample rates and combining machine diagnostics and process analyzes, we provide you with: torque, force, vibration, temperature and structural tension measurement monitoring data.

Health Check

Qualified on-site inspections that provide suggested measures to improve your drive train efficiency: Health Check

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Monitoring of plants, machines and processes online and offline, using modem wireless technology and the internet is part of our basket offering. Additionally, we have the ability to perform remote maintenance and updates while you have the option to choose how you receive the status reports and alarm notification, via email or SMS.

Engineering services

Offering technical consultation, maintenance, system measurement, sensor, signal analysis as well as load-based process and plant optimization, our service portfolio also covers fatigue and residual lifetime analyses besides custom soft- and hardware development.

Voith in the world's largest aluminum rolling mill
OnCare.Health ACIDA
Voith in the world’s largest aluminum rolling mill

Aluminium Norf GmbH (Alunorf) relies on Voith’s OnCare.Health ACIDA system to ensure that its production assets achieve optimum results. By continuously evaluating sensor signals the system enables real-time monitoring of production processes. 

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